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    KeePass Integration

    As of v0.11.0, Darkcoin Core client offers KeePass integration. This guide will show you how to configure the association between Darkcoin and KeePass and how to save a Darkcoin wallet passphrase entry in KeePass through the integration. When this is done, KeePass can be used to unlock the...
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    Proposal: KeePass integration

    Hello all, I would like to propose implementing KeePass integration in the core client. This would allow us to leverage all the security features that KeePass brings and make the client more secure. More info regarding KeePass: I believe this could be a key feature and...
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    two masternode keys?

    Hello, I'm currently reviewing darkcoin code and was wondering the following: masternode.h: contains: CPubKey pubkey; CPubKey pubkey2; Why are there 2 public keys? When checking CActiveMasternode::RegisterAsMasterNode I can see that two keypairs are being used to create the initial...