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  1. Robinst

    Do fully private browser really exist?

    Guys, have you heard of a new Idyll browser that is mentioned like a better version of Tor? As I've checked it's a part of an ecosystem called Utopia and any website created there can't be accessed from any other browser. Moreover as the soft is decentralized and p2p with a high encryption level...
  2. Robinst

    Crypto transaction record

    According to Cointelegraph in 2018 a record was reached in the number of transactions on different crypto exchanges. At the same time it's said that 2019 is supposed to be even lower than 2017 was. It's clear as the first half of the year was quite positive for everyone and then a mass panic...
  3. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    Guys, I'm done! I can't take it anymore.. I used Telegram messenger for a long time and was very pleased with it. It's user-friendly, has funny stickerpacks and secret chats are something that was really needed. But.. One day I became nervous when I mentioned that some messages dissapeared...