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    Exscudo - A new kid on the block with a European Money License and multi-currency cards

    Good morning all, I'd like to introduce the Exscudo project. It's aim is to provide a bridge between traditional banking and the blockchain. Exscudo has its own blockchain called EON, Exscudo exchange with cryptocurrency and fiat pairs, Channels - a multicurrency wallet with messenger...
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    monitoring an address

    Hello, Is there a way to monitor an address for a payment that I can do in code? Perhaps an API? Ta
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    Creating ESCROW in code

    We all know that the biggest risk when trading goods for capital is the other person cannot always be trusted. So how does one go about creating an escrow automatically in code? I was thinking that a guy advertises said product. Buyer A accepts the price and proceeds with that purchase. The...
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    Arcade idea

    Hello. Bluebit proposed a use for instantX. Indont want to see any negative comments on this thread. I would like instead, technical ideas about how we get this done. I don't care if you can't code, soldier or understand electronics. We just need a plan, then we can worry about the logistics...
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    Let's get thinking

    Well, it should be titled let's get off our arse but many of us can't do that so... Let's get thinking in the hope that it will inspire more of us So we've had instantX for the almost a year now but we've only had 1 actual real world implementation. I can only fathom that we've only had one...
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    Graphics / site designer required

    Hello,can you do graphics work? Are you any good at doing site mock ups? If so, please get in touch. I hopefully have an exciting project that I need to round a few people up for.
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    You ever noticed in bus stops around the UK is an advertising section? That one side where it scrolls and shows 3 adverts? I wonder how much it would cost to get a dash advert done. If I head this up would someone be willing to do graphics?
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    IPhone price app

    hello. Anyone got a decent iPhone price ticker app that includes dash?
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    Would anyone use a dash comparison site?

    hello. With everything going through marketplaces from insurance to electric and gas suppliers. It got me thinking. Would a price comparison site be of any use? For dash. I have 3 exchanges which I can pull real time price data from but I don't know if it's a worthwhile venture
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    Build qt wallet

    hello. Can the QT Wallet be built and debuged by visual studio?
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    Localbitcoins features

    Hello Many folks don't know me but is lingering in the background from when dash had its peak. I've been working behind closed doors on various related projects but nothing directly related to dash just yet. I've got a degree in computer science and since graduating I've worked on Android and...
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    Penetration testers

    Hello Do we have anyone on this forum who is a qualified penetration tester? I've created a webAPI that's protected by login credentials and want it verifying before I carry on putting the UI together. Let's say it's dash related and all being well, it will be revealed soon.
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    official images and artwork

    Hello I'm putting together an exchange site and wondering where I can get the official artwork for Dash from. Ta :)
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    Does anyone feel that this year is the year?

    i have a feeling in my gut that this year will see the value rise to surpasses any peaks that we've currently seen before. I think we'll head to around £20 mark.
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    The 2015 Roadmap

    Hello I think we've come a long way within the last year. I've only been part of the community for 6 months now and got in when the price was way too high. Anyway, with the introduction of some key breakthroughs within the crypto community belonging to Darkcoin, I'd like to thank the developers...
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    Incorrect payments?

    Hello Something odd is happening. Has the voting system been removed? Check my MN wallet payments out. I'm getting 3 a day now...
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    a shot in the dark - localdrkcoin domain

    Long shot in the dark but I'm hoping the guy who has is registered on here I'm up for helping to set the site up or even purchase the domain off them
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    Do we have a local dark coin website?
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    Hello Does anyone know much about it? It seems like. A clone of dark to be fair. The talks about MN networks, instantX and lack of mining pools.
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    iOS masternode payments coming soon

    Watch this space for an application that will show your wallet balances in iOS. I'm getting fed up opening Safari only to realise I closed the browser window that monitored my MN address. So I've started putting together an iOS app that will - add a wallet address - show balance Phase 2...
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    Calculating the hashrate of darkcoin

    Does anyone know a reliable way of calculating DRKS network hashrate? Or does the wallet expose this information?
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    Running MN on azure

    Hello. I get a free £50 a month credit for azure due to work reasons. Is there a way to setup a MN on this? All guides seem to be Linux based.
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    Masternode on azure

    Does anyone run a masternode instance on Azure? If so, how much does it cost? I might have a way of getting one on the cheap. I know you can fire up instances of vms in Linux.
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    Adding 100m/h to network

    Hello Does anyone know what the potential returns are if I add a 100 mega hashes to the network?
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    Who is winning the privacy race?

    Is darkcoin? I've been reading a lot of other coins and I think darkcoin will be ahead of its time if we can get transactions in under a minute. Defo, game changer but will others care? IS this enough?
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    Why the current price hike?

    Does anyone know why the current jump in price?
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    Will RC5 increase the price?

    Will rc5 increase the baseline price? I don't care about people making a day profit and inflation but will we see a higher price base line?
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    The journey ahead

    With rc5 around the corner I'm finding myself asking if they'll be an RC6. Darkcoin has achieved it's objectives with rc5 and im left wondering what's next in store. Whatever it is, it's exciting to be a part of it. I know there are talks about MNs being used for tor, but in terms of the...
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    Hello, I've been reading up about this idea. It's an odd ball since you don't get the coins yet, it's more a fun raiser pre-sale. Has anyone invested in this yet?
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    Whose still buying?

    Whose still investing? Or have we all been burnt? I need another 400 for a new MN but I'm quite frightened that if I shell out it'll be for a lost cause.
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    RC4 and price

    Given RC4 has been released, what do you think should happen to the markets? They're very quiet at the minute.
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    BTC price

    What's going on with it? Just found it down at £312. A few days ago it was at £370-80
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    $40 really?!? Bug? Or idiot?

    Did this really happen? Or is it a bug...? If not, someone must really want all the coins
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    Possible tv advert?

    Hello, Don't shoot me, but I don't know where this idea should go within the forum sections, so if a mod feels this is the wrong place please move it. :-) Right, I've either spent too long in the sun and thus my brain is fried or, I've had too much beer! Either way, I've just thought of an...
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    If you haven't noticed, the price has fallen to a great low of 0.009. Great time to invest and take those coins whilst they're cheap. Just imagine if it's goes back to 0.02. You've made a 50% gain on capital. *emptys bank account*
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    Bitcoin gone too far?

    The more and more I read about bitcoin the more I hear business embracing it. Yesterday a random shop, today big bunch of taxi business in London. The way I see it is, the more folks adopts BTC, the harder we've got it. What you thinking?
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    Is darkcoin illegal?

    I've been challenged by a few of my peers if darkcoin is legal. It's nothing like bitcoin and with RC4 around the corner that boasts even more functionality that will creases the rift between the 2 coins one has to ask if this is an enabler of crime. What do you think?
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    Is it worth me mining?

    Having not mined before I'm seriously thinking about building my own PC with a dual graphics setup. This will be purely used for mining so no doubt every other hardware will be cheap as or even second hand. The biggest question is... Is it worth the hardware investment?
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    Masternode spending

    So, Those that have MN and getting payouts what are you doing with the coins? Keeping them? Spending them? Trading them? I have 10 additional drk which is worth £42. Not much, granted in the scheme of things so I'm going to either cash it out, or buy something. Undecided yet.
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    master node counts

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can obtain the number of darkcoin active nodes? And their addresses ... :) Ta Acidburn