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    My Vision for the Future of Dash

    Here is my vision for Dash: We use treasury funds to build a healthy growing community of developer/entrepreneurs who risk their own capital or get their own financing in an attempt to profitably provide value to the network. If the value provided by that group exceeds the cost to build it, Dash...
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    Proposal: Commitment to Improving Funding Model

    Draft: We would like to ask if there is enough recognition of the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way in which treasury funds are awarded so that there is a reasonable expectation that meaningful improvements will be made. In our opinion, benefit to the network can be...
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    How to get 40X returns on Treasury awards

    Masternode Owners can get over 40X returns in treasury disbursements with little risk by following the example of the X Prize Foundation (XPF). XPF revolutionized funding of new industries. “Case in point: The Ansari XPRIZE. An initial investment of $2.5 million enabled us to offer a $10...
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    The people with the most Dash to trade

    We have over 25,000 Dash going out every month to MNOs and another 25,000 going out to miners. We should want very little of that dash to be sold directly on the markets, driving down prices. If we get vendors on board who cater to that market, they could potentially benefit from over $12...
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    Is there a resource detailing all past approved proposals?

    I have been unsuccessfully looking for a website that has data on all proposals funded by the treasury for two reasons: To evaluate the proposal owners both in honesty and competence To to evaluate the benefit of the projects in terms of cost-effectiveness I am somewhat surprised to find very...
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    Uphold purchase still pending 8 days later

    I bought 0.7 dash on Dec 9th. I still have no available balance. I checked with the bank and the ACH transfer happened the same day, so what gives?
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    Why the Fed now loves Cryptocurrencies

    In the wake of the crash and banking crisis in 2008, there were loud cries to "create another bubble." The Central banks needed to not just save the banking sector from self destruction, but to reflate the economy. Creating such a bubble would be easy: simply print more money, but they didn't...
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    Evan Duffield is throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars every month

    The founder ED is rumored to have 100,000 dash, but he publicly claims to have no masternodes. He could have 100 masternodes generating >$6,000 each in superblock rewards at current exchange prices. If this is correct, he's just pissing away over half a million dollars every month. Am I wrong...