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  1. Dash Venezuela


    Dear MNs please check our latest proposal on Dash Central: TRANSACTION TURBOCHARGE IN VENEZUELA -Leverage DASH VENEZUELA'S ecosystem with massive reach tools.
  2. Dash Venezuela

    Dash Venezuela held the eleventh conference on Dash Digital Cash

    "Marketing of products and services with cryptocurrencies: New business models", was the central theme of the eleventh Dash Digital Cash conference in Caracas, which was attended by more than 130 people from different companies and industries in the country to learn how cryptocurrencies can be a...
  3. Dash Venezuela

    Dash Venezuela profundiza la formación en criptomoneda en universidades

    En el marco de la Feria Tecnológica Unitech que se realizó hace varios días, firmamos un acuerdo con la Universidad Tecnológica de Valencia y su rector Luis eduardo Martínez junto a nuestra fundadora de Dash Venezuela, Eugenia Alcalá. Estas es una universidad que dicta carreras con fines...
  4. Dash Venezuela

    Thanks Community!

    Eugenia Alcalá, founder of Dash Venezuela, sends a message of gratification for the great participation that people have had in the adoption of Dash Dinero Digital. The 12 conferences that were held were a success, thanks to the participation that was provided each day. Thank you all!
  5. Dash Venezuela

    Dash, the cryptocurrency of entrepreneurs.

    Eugenia Alcalá, founder of Dash Venezuela and Dash Caracas, said that in Venezuela it is especially efficient to invest in Dash as it is a way to protect the value of your money In view of the constant increase in prices in Venezuela, the use of the Dash cryptocurrency increased among...
  6. Dash Venezuela

    Rodrigo Digital tells us about the history of money

    One of the best ways to understand cryptocurrencies is by understanding the forms of value exchange between human beings, the stories and the evolutions that lead us to cryptocurrencies. Part of Rodrigo Ambrissi's presentation of Dash Brasil in our 9th. Dash Conference Venezuela