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    With v15 no more running MN from local wallets

    Hi there, since in v15 the change to the wallet was introduced so the masternode control will not be available, even with cold-setup, the question is what is your prefered way to "run masternodes". Wallet Changes: [..] Running Masternodes from local wallets was deprecated a long time ago and...
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    Ein paar fragen zu Dash

    Hallo Chris, viel Spass dabei und viel Erfolg! Du kannst die Miner verbinden, in dem du dir einen Netzwerk Switch zulegst. Die Baikal haben Anschluss für Ethernet - Netzwerke. So einen Switch bekommst du eigentlich überall, wo es Computer gibt. Beide Miner kannst du bei Supernova oder jeden...
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    Support of free wireless network with Freifunk and marketing for Dash

    This is interesting since Freifunk is a well known and respected project which has fans and meeting groups everywhere in Germany. The people behind the network also helped a lot, especially decetralised, in the refugee situation to make internet. The Freifunk organisation is a registered NGO too.
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    Merchants from the european union

    Just wanted to ask around if there are merchants from within the European union?