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    [ANN][ICO] KUBITX - Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Platform

    ★ Web ★ Whitepaper ★ Twitter ★ Facebook ★ Medium ★ Telegram ★ Reddit ★
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    ★ Web ★ Whitepaper ★ Twitter ★ Facebook ★ Medium ★ Telegram ★ Reddit ★
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    PAPEL Coin WHAT IS PAPELCOIN? PapelCoin (PAPEL) is a crypto currency that forked on Dash Core. Crypto currency is clever way to use your money internationally and anonymously, even it has some certain difficulties with transfer fees and times. Our job is to make it easier and...
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    [ANN][ICO] CryptoHIT | New Decentralized Platform for Gamers & Game Developers

    Welcome to CryptoHIT Innovative Decentralized Platform for Financial Gaming Projects Website | Video | Facebook | Twitter | White Paper | Telegram Airdrop and Bounty program In 2016, the sale of computer games and in-game content generated revenue of almost $100...
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    [ANN][ICO][BOUNTY][AIRDROP] PRISMA Prismacoin [PRIS] – Sustainable Lending

    P R I S M A - A sustainable multipurpose cryptocurrency lending platform Lending platforms are nothing new in the cryptocurrency space. The fundamental principle - lending money to the platform to receive interest over time - has only one flaw : the revenue which is...
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    [ICO][ANN] WORLDOPOLY - strategy game on blockchain with money withdrawal

    Team Jura Hölzel Chief Operating Director Co-founder and CEO of PepperMint Talents, an established, Munich based recruiting company that introduced innovative new ways in finding the best talents on the market. Previous functions include strategic consulting and campaign management in...
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    [ICO][ANN] WORLDOPOLY - strategy game on blockchain with money withdrawal

    First augmented reality game based on blockchain Real-time multi-player strategy game that implements blockchain and augmented reality into a world building simulation. [HARD CAP = $18,000,000 USD] INTRODUCTION Worldopoly is a real-time multi-player strategy game that...
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    Single Productive African Coin | SPAC Coin | Pure PoS

    Single Productive African Coin SPAC the first African coin to emerg in Crypto currency world We not only raise funds, but also create our ICO to create an ecosystem around our coin and run SPAC as a decentralized platform! This coin was created in order to unite the countries of...
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    Whitepaper Get Started Prototype Video How to get started ? Token Pre-Sale FAQs Contact Career About Us
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    [ANN][Pre-ICO] Bitcoin Crown - Cryptocurrency for online game lovers

    Website Telegram Twitter Facebook YouTube Medium Reddit Linkedin Bounty Airdrop BITCOIN CROWN (BTCC) Cryptocurrency for online game lovers What is BITCOIN CROWN (BTCC) ? Bitcoin Crown is the digital trading token that will give game developers, content creators and gaming communities the...
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    Bitcoin Crown Airdrop First 20,000 participants will be the one who will get 500 BTCC Tokens (1 BTCC Token = 0.40$) which can be traded on some major exchanges soon . This is the round 1 of 4 . Join Bitcoin Crown Bounty and get 500 BTCC Tokens Become qualified for BTCC AIRDROP : Register...
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    ICO Reviews

    Web Credible ICO Reviews Builds Confidence In Your Project Unlike a well-known and established brand, customers don’t know what to expect from any Projects. They may be hesitant to hand over their hard-earned cash to you. That’s when reviews come in handy. Any successful business owner will...
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    [ANN][ICO] SmartValley – decentralized expert community for ICO projects

    Site: Whitepaper: SmartValley ICO will close in 24 Days, Over $6,8 Million Raised.
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    [ANN] [ICO] KEPLER - Next Generation Blockchain Platform For AI & Robotics

    Visit our Website The 21st century will forever be remembered as the century that ushered in two of the most disruptive technologies in the history of mankind; the internet and the blockchain. The breakthroughs these technological phenomenons have facilitated continues to...