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    Maxium number of wallet's address

    Got the same issue some time ago, but I already fixed it, using a simple method I just changed the number of transactions and inserted in it my lucky number, by the way I found my lucky number here so now I am using it everywhere I can, and it...
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    Why number of transactions does not increase?

    interesting question...
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    Happy Chinese New Year

    Guys are you ready for the year of the Rat, I know it is about 5 months till it, but still, I wonder if you are ready? I know a lot of people that started to buy different things from now, because later it will be way expensive or excuses like that. A lot of friends of mine are buying different...
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    How will Libra affect other Cryptocurrencies?

    Do you mean Libra like from an Astologycal point of view? Or I don't get something right?
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    Hello, Newbie is here, and I am happy that I joined Dash.
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    The dash graphics page

    Absolutely agree with you