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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Regular unix wallet locks up as well (non-qt, non-masternode)
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Still running the explorer wallet on darkcoind, because dashd locks up almost immediately... just tried again with latest github.
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    The wallet daemon for the explorer at locked up during the night Had to revert to the previous version, but this is not ideal with the upcoming hard fork :/ Had to kill the daemon, as it was not responding to any of the RPC calls, its CPU usage was minimal...
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    Masternode information in the Chainz Darkcoin blockchain explorer

    Darkcoin blockchain explorer now has an indicator for the active & total masternodes. Planning to make a dedicated master nodes page later on, got any suggestions for it? (beyond the obvious like current votes, and IP geolocation)
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    Darkcoin really anonymous?

    Also you don't see wallets as much as you see addresses, a wallet can have many addresses, which can only be identified as part of the same wallet in special cases, which mostly apply to pools and exchanges. Major exchanges are like gigantic mixing services, you can't tie what comes out to what...
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    50% of the network!

    Blocks found by unidentified pools, could be Multipools that don't publish stats, private pools/farms, etc.
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    Fork to stop masternode payments

    Thanks, subscribed there. Didn't the mailing list announced, the github page still reference the bitcoin mailing list...
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    Three transactions with the same transacionId ?

    It looks like darksend transaction, cryptsy should have credited 27 DRK, but it's "uncommon" as usual transactions will have only one output for a given destination address. So in effect Cryptsy received 27 DRK in their wallet, but if their system does not support darksend transactions...
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    Three transactions with the same transacionId ?

    Actually you have a single transaction with 3 times the same two outputs (9 & 0.999)
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    50% of the network!

    They're large but below 50%:!extraction And they never really got above 45% of blocks found
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    Need of communication strategy

    I manage and was hit by two forks, only update notifications I got was through difficulty crashing and github source changes... It may not be the "official" explorer, but it's the one showing correct addresses, and with no downtime so far. A dedicated critical...
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    Fork to stop masternode payments Is up, and no longer on the fork (was for a few hours during the emergency update affair). There needs to be an official notification channel reserved for updates: forum announces don't cut it, and IRC is for chat, not announces. Maybe a dedicated twitter...