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  • sorry i had to cut my message,
    could you possably add a counter clock so one know how many letters are left to write before it is rejected please
    << and what iv been reading on a lot of wallet sites via Facebook is there are loads of people loosing money because of transaction issues
    i got a wallet form Neon the set up security was, i thought was extensive, but when it came to setting up my link to my bank account there was no more security,
    and plus they didn't give an account or sort code number, so i just left it dormant
    Thank you in advance
    Hello Chuck
    i watched your video about Evolution, very interesting
    can i ask also if i get the Dash wallet and if iv have traded BTC, Crypto's or Ether
    and i want to get some or all the money back into my bank account would Evolution be able to do that
    security is a big thing for me, as money is tight and i'm doing this to make money >>
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