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    Sentinel v1.3.0 release

    Thn Thnks bro. I already understand how the structure of the sentinel script works. This super interesting to create a broadcast system focused on journalism ....
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    Sentinel v1.3.0 release

    Hi bro! Great work! Sorry but what is the main operational funtion of "Sentinel". I have full node running but I[m not dev or programer On the other hand I always like to learn new things. thnks and keep going!
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    Dash Maracaibo does not stop and remains committed

    Me gusta mucho el tema de SocieDash ahahah, Sigan adelante muchachos cuentan con todo nuestro apoyo! Muy pronto realizaremos unas conferencias en Caracas estan coordialmente invitados.
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    Mass Adoption of Dash by ARAtechnology

    We are currently in the voting cycle of Dashboost and we need all the support of the community to continue with our massive adoption efforts.
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    HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    UPDATES Hello Dash Community! We are excited to introduce you the proposal for a HuitPro - Freelance Marketplace based on a Dash payment method. Social Media Twitter: @huitpro1 Instagram: @huitpro Steemit: @huitpro (coming soon) Support Email: [email protected] Discord...
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    HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    we will upload the updated budget soon. I hope constructive comments from you. We are available to answer questions.
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    HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method. Manually vote YES on this proposal: dash-cli gobject vote-many 0b0576647c80f6c68a482ccf459d39d6441d637740ea09830afa79af1dbcd030 funding yes OR from the qt console: gobject vote-many...
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    Swarm Fund Tokenizes Dash Masternode Ownership

    This seems very interesting to me. I have some questions. If a thousand people place 1 Dash each. The voting power would be made by consensus of the community that administers this masternode or by those who put 1 Dash / That is to say: In a voting cycle, it is necessary that 501 people say Yes...
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    Rodrigo Digital: Venezuela and the Cryptocurrency Revolution Interview with Dash Lead in Venezuela

    Simply excellent. Eugenia Alcala definitely the best leader in Dash adoption in all of Latin America.
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    Welcome Ernesto Contreras - Regional Manager Latin America (LATAM)

    Wao! Que gran noticia. Conoci a Erenesto hace muy muy poco, nos ayudo a orientarnos con respecto al rumbo de nuestros proyectos y nos dio su feedback totalmente constructivo. Ahora veo que obtuvo un puesto realmente importante y que traera muy buenas cosas para latinoamerica y para la...
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    I agree with @Arthyron . From the point of view of the real interest of the MNos, the MNo have made it clear that they are interested in organic adoption to facilitate lives by improving their forms of payments. Now, it is a matter of syntax, this proposal has been very well developed but if it...
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    Únete al Foro Dash Latinoamericano

    Excelente iniciativa. Cuenten con la participacion de ARAtechnology. Estaremos atentos al foro.
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    Pre-Proposal: HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    Hello! Thank you for expressing your opinion about our project. We are close to being in voting again. Would you recommend modifying something ?. We have had few objective feedbacks. And really if you look, we are a really cheap proposal