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YouTube Series About Dash in Portuguese for the Brazilian Market

Proposal for:

YouTube Series About Dash in Portuguese for the Brazilian Market


Develop, create and execute a series of 8 Videos in Portuguese ( 1 per week ) introducing Dash for this specific market. Also create 8 video Interviews in Portuguese Via Skype with current users, early adopters and another member involved in Dash or Crypto Currency.

As cryptocurrency market in Brazil is very much behind compared to the US / EU market, there is much to be covered.


Explain and promote Dash to the Brazilian market in Portuguese in order to expand the use of Dash and motivate this specific market to adopt Dash, both as users and as merchants. I believe that the Dash project has seen an increase in adoption, investment and awareness by funding past TV shows and Youtube Channels in English and I am committed to expanding this to another language. I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to the US in 2000. I speak fluently Portuguese and Spanish.


When you vote yes, I agree to:

  • Make 8 videos about Dash all with a common theme ( see Themes list below ) averaging 10 minutes each in length. Every Tuesday
  • Skype Interview 8 guests to talk about how they got into Crypto Currency and what are the comparison and benefits of Dash. averaging 20 minutes each in length. Every Friday.

Social Media Strategy

Canal YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5WA2NjZp8VHK_Vl8TdWTtQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DashDinheiro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DashDinheiroDigital/

In order to target this specific audience, create a social media force with all platforms to distribute the video content via personalized Dash brand:

I've been in contact with Alex-Ru who is helping me create a few graphics with the Brazilian Flag and the Dash Logo in order to use this in our social media platform. I also contact Amanda B. Johnson a couple time who gave me some tips and guidelines about creating this proposal.

Research - I’ll conduct a 1 hour daily research for 2 months including weekend about the Brazilian Market cryptocurrency development and engage with key players that are talking about it and manage to cultivate a relationship in order to create opportunities to promote Dash and share this information on social media.

Communication Strategy

Viewers numbers and reports will be created on a weekly basis in order to re-evaluate the social media strategy and new possible directions based on the results.

My Personal Social Media Numbers and Groups that I am engaged.

They are my first target audience.

  • Instagram - 2803 followers
  • LinkedIn - 1050 followers
  • Facebook - 2097 followers
  • Twitter - 406 :( followers
  • WhatsApp - 12 Different Groups total of 250 members
  • Telegram - Dash Brasil Group 843 Members
  • Facebook Groups
    • Dash Brasil - 103 members
    • DASH Brasil 104 members
    • Crypto-Moedas Renda Extra - 9,446 Members
    • Oportunidades de ganhar dinheiro com bitcoins crypto moedas - 64 Members
    • Bitcoin Brasil - 42,086 Members

Episode Themes: ( Open to suggestions and order of appearance )

  • What is Dash
  • The beginning of bitcoin and the decentralized Cryptocurrency Idea and how we compare it to Dash
  • Is there a Maximum Coin Supply in Dash
  • How to Open a Dash Wallet?
  • Difficulties of Buying Dash and other Digital Coins in Brazil.
  • How to use Shapeshift and other Exchange Market tools with Dash
  • Explanation about instant, Private and secure Dash Network
  • Where to Buy Dash?
  • How to start mining Dash.
  • Dash website explanation also Forum and Central
  • How to become a merchant and its benefits
  • Team, Development and Project Information
  • Skype Interview with Davis Dos Santos / MMA Fighter to talk about the impact of Dash Sponsorship in his career ( in Portuguese)
  • Interview with Daniel Diaz ( Portuguese / Spanish ) to talk about his recent visit to Brazil during the 2nd Bitcoin Summit at CoinBR and the direction the Brazilian Market and Latin American Market are going.


  • I’ll provide the following equipment to record the show.
  • Laptop - MacBook Pro 17”
  • Laptop - MacBook Pro 15”
  • Video Encoder using Wirecast
  • Camera - Sony Alpha
  • Mic - USB Badaax
  • Editing Suite - Avid Media Composer
  • Studio - I just order on Amazon a ChromaKey Backdrop and Lighting Kit to use at my house studio.
Show Running Order

▪Intro Graphics with music - 5 sec.

▪Host Intro his name and open remarks and intro Show - 20 sec.

▪Brief explanation of Today’s Agenda - 15 sec.

▪Host talk about the specific theme - 5/7 min.

▪Host talk intro next segment with Graphics - 5 sec.

▪Host talk about latest news on the Worlds Social Media 2/3 min.

▪Host talk intro all websites related to the show - 30 sec.

▪Host Last remarks and outro the show - 10 sec.


  • 25 Dash for 2 months covering all 16 Episodes and the Social Media Engagement and Research. (not including the 5 Dash Proposal fee)
  • Cycle starting: Mid July 2017
Note: I just want to emphasize here that the money I am asking for here is not going towards paying equipment, I am committed to this project and I already spent over $3000 in equipment from my own pocket in order to start this YouTube Series, I am not requesting dash.org to cover this cost as I understand I am entering a new market and this might not take off as intended and I am willing to cover the cost of at least the equipment.

  • You May Ask what experience do I already have for making Dash videos on YouTube?
  • I’ve been working with Television as a Broadcast Technician for over 10 years and also as a TV / Game Show and Shows host for over 5 years.
  • I’ve made this 5 min video resume in 2003 when YouTube was not even a reality.
  • No Link - Just Search on YouTube for Video Curriculum Vitae - Rodrigo Di Paula Ambrissi
  • Also, check my LinkedIn page for my work experience.

Rod D. Ambrissi - [email protected]
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Bom Dia Rodrigo , very interesting , are you in Brazil right now or USA ? are you in the Brazil telegram group ?
Ola, Bom Dia, I am in the US at the moment, but looking forward to create this Video Series in Portuguese, could you please add me on the Telegram Group, Valeu!
Proposal Evaluation Committee

Hi Rod

As you know Dash is growing every day.
To deal with the increased number of proposal, a Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC) has been created. This work is being done by volunteers (mostly Master Node Owners themselves).

We would like to know if you are planning to submit your proposal officially, i.e. Pay the 5 Dash to submit your Proposal?
If so, do you want the PEC (Proposal Evaluation Committee) to assist you in preparing your Pre-Proposal?

As you adjust your Pre-Proposal to our feedback, the evaluation is adjusted and this may be done a number of times (up to 3 or more).
Each time the chance of your Proposal being accepted by the MNO’s will increase.
If you want to know who will be doing the Evaluations – see here: Official PEC Pre-P https://goo.gl/qrbeXK

The evaluations also have another function:
To give the MNO’s and community a Prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals. This list will save the MNO’s and everyone else time and increase the chance of your proposal gaining votes. It will also prevent your proposal from getting lost amongst the horde or prevent it from not being read, because it’s too long or non-conforming.
Whether you accept our help or not: we will be doing Reports on all Pre-Proposals near the end of the cycle to prepare the Prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals.

If you do want to use our services (note this is a free service)
1. Please Private Message @Biltong on the Dash Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions Forum indicating that you want the help of the PEC, so we can assign a team to you. Just click on my picture in the forum to see the private message option.
2. We’ll wait for you to give us the go-ahead before we start the evaluation process.
3. Please note that we do not have that much time to give you feedback via the Evaluations. The final report has to be in 3 days before end of cycle and you have to have your last adjustments in 5 days before end of cycle : i.e.: Last Adjustments: 28 June.
4. We hope to receive at least 3 updates from you (if necessary) and provide you with the same number of Evaluation/Report feedbacks, but it does mean you and us will have to start asap.

Good luck with your Proposal!
Good Day Biltong,

This is a great tip, I'll definitely contact you in a private message. I really appreciate your support.
Rod - your plan looks like a good way to get into the Portuguese market, but I'm not seeing any specifics on distribution. Do you have a large youtube channel, or access to crypto-type email lists or meetups in Brazil? I agree with the general idea of your plan, but wouldn't want to end up with lots of good material without views. The price does not seem unreasonable, but it wouldn't have much use if the groups/videos were not seen by the right types of people in bulk.

Bitlong: I think everyone appreciates your interest in improving pre-proposals and understands also your interest in having your PEC committee funded by the MNOs, but perhaps you may not want to spam every brand new pre-proposal owner with such a tedious audit-looking form. Instead of requesting so much information out of each pre-proposal owner, maybe you could first just simply help and offer your expertise without forcing another layer of bureaucracy onto the system.

If I'm the only one who finds your form spamming blinding, forgive the intrusion here.
... Instead of requesting so much information out of each pre-proposal owner,...If I'm the only one who finds your form spamming blinding, forgive the intrusion here.
Hi Abob54 - thanx for your interest. Just doing what the PEC is supposed to do. I know you have only been here a week+ , so you might not know: The Dash Template was designed by the Master Node Owners' a couple of years ago to make their own lives easier. It asks for all the info that they need to make informed decisions.

The Proposal Evaluation Committee's main job is to help new Proposal Owners prepare their proposals so that they provide all the needed info required by the Dash Template; Keep it concise - a lot of proposals get ignored because the MNO's find them too long to read etc.

We have 6 very experienced MNO's who help with this process.
I hope you understand the PEC function better now. ;)
BTW - we're hijacking this thread - Sorry: 'talking about another topic on someone else's thread' Any more questions, ask it in General :rolleyes:
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opaaa.. bora ajudar a galera aqui do brasil a conhecer a dash ... creio que no mes 07 vai ser um mes legal para a dash aqui no brasil
Hi Rod, Got the PM - Team has been assigned and will get back to you within a couple of days with the 1st Evaluation
It will be posted here.
Good luck! ;)
opaaa.. bora ajudar a galera aqui do brasil a conhecer a dash ... creio que no mes 07 vai ser um mes legal para a dash aqui no brasil

Ola, Obrigado, estou fazendo umas mudanças no Proposal e espero que seja aprovado... se voce tiver alguma dica e tambem ideias para os episódios do program... estou aberto para sugestão .. Valeu !
Hi Biltong,

Thanks for the links, I'll take a look and made the necessary changes, let me know anyother suggestions you might have ... I apprecaite your time. Thank You

Here is your first PEC Report.

Couple of notes:
• There is NO pass/failure mark. The percentage simply allows us to create a Prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals. The idea being that a MNO with very little time can concentrate on Proposals at the bottom of the list only. MNO’s with more time will obviously look at all proposals as per normal.
• The evaluation also enables the Evaluators to look for scammers etc and red-flag a proposal that is a possible danger to Dash. They have more time and tools to look for the tell-tale signs.
• How did the Evaluators decide on marks: PEC Evaluator Guidelines https://goo.gl/Futw1d
• MNO’s have been very lenient in the past. So even if you have, what you might consider a low mark, you might still pass the Vote.
• *Most Important*: The evaluation is to give you an idea of where you can improve your proposal to have a better chance of earning MNO votes.

When you improve your proposal, please color all new material in red and don’t delete any word/sentence, but use strike through. This will make it easier for the evaluator to find changes, when she or he re-evaluates your improved proposal. The MNO’s will also so be interested to see what you changed to improve your proposal.

Since you were unlucky enough to submit your Pre-Proposal just as the PEC started, you had a handicap: You did not know the importance of the Dash Project Proposal Template https://goo.gl/m0jgfS

This Template was created some years ago by the MNO’s to get all the information that they need to make an informed decision. It is also the easiest way for you to earn extra marks  If your proposal did not cover a question in the Template – just put the Heading and answer in your detail doc. If your proposal does cover the question: Just put the Heading with the words: See original Proposal.
E.g.: Project Scope - Milestones and Schedule: See original Proposal.

We know this is a painful bureaucratic exercise, but once you’ve done your improvements for this 1st one, the next couple of improvements (maybe just one?) will be easy, and of course – you are bound to have more proposals in the future!

Good luck


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Hi Syntheist

Thanks for your feedback, there are some great information and I'll work on the template format well, I am finishing the walls of my basement at the moment where I am building the studio and soon I'll create an indroductory video in english to present to the MNO's. Thanks Again.. all the best
Thanks for the reply, I'm glad you feel the report is useful.

Yours is only the second report I have been part of so it's still very much a learning process.