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Why is no one here talking about Dash/USD or Dash/BTC prices?

Why is the community so calm?

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Hi Community,

When I was watching videos from Amanda (see videos below) about the crazy rise of Dash 2 months ago, she always presented it very calmly and even at the top of over $100 about months ago, no one freaked out and it seems only a tiny number of big coin holders even dumped (which sounds good as Dash is more stable this way, but the value still got halved a few weeks later, again no one freaked out). This was one of the reasons for me beside the solid technology and great plan ahead to check out Dash in more detail, start mining it now, etc.

Today Dash goes up to almost $80 (+10% from yesterday) today and no one talks about it. Comparing this to any other cryptocurrency it seems a bit strange. For Bitcoin, lately Ether (e.g. on reddit the community is very active) and pretty much all the other successful coins there is always a lot of talk of up and downs, news influencing things, etc.

Seems for Dash no one really knows. There is obviously some good news from time to time (e.g. Kraken integration a week ago), which makes people excited and the price goes up, but I am still wondering why this community is so calm and relaxed.

Also pretty much no discussions in this forum about all this (isn't it called Speculation?)
Am I at the wrong space for trader discussions and there is a place somewhere else? Did not see any of these discussions in Slack or bitcointalk or anywhere else either.

Videos mentioned above:
Dash starting to go up video more than 2 months ago:
Dash reaching over $100 about a month ago (other videos around this time have click-bait tiles, but still are presented very calmly):
Dash going down to $50-$60, no anger, no emotions, maybe 1 thread here about it:
DASH is not a typical trader/hype/pump&dump cryptocoin. The beta value of DASH is in my opinion way below 1. DASH is a defensive asset, I call it "crypto bond".
Most of the community are interested in mass adaption of the coin and not the current price.
Because the Get Rich Quick Kids can't contain themselves every time the price moves on their latest and greatest coin.
If you want to discuss the price of Dash the best place is Dash Nation Slack #Dash_markets channel :)


We're all pretty chilled about the day to day price of dash. Most here are more interested in the price of Dash 3, 5 and 10 years from now... And we all know that the only thing that will determine the long term value of Dash is lots of hard work from our DAOs and the funding and build out of our infrastructure so that we can go mass market.

People forget that this is potentially a multi-trillion $$$ industry in the making (yes you read that right) and that we're still just an embryo in the scheme of things. Digital Cash and blockchain is the next industrial revolution, it's going to change the world forever... And we're right here tinkering under the hood of the first steam engine ;)

If my above statement proves to be correct we can add a number of zeros to the end of Dash price in the long run.. And this is why most community members aren't really fussed about 50%+- swings in price at the moment. :)

I personally don’t waste too much time on wondering around 1 option, I believe it’s sensible to work on multiple options to ensure we are always on with bigger chance.

I put my entire focus on Bitcoin and beyond that, I look at alternatives. The thing that makes Bitcoin such sellable is that no one can manipulate it. And this is not my theory, but something discussed by Experts of the Crypto industry!

Then those experts are talking out of their collective arses, no market is invulnerable from manipulation and a FUD campaign managed to stall Bitcoins development for years. The blocksize debate could have been resolved many times over if it wasn't for the efforts of a relatively small group of antagonists.

Many in Dash are sick to the hind teeth of that BS and want nothing to do with it and that included the hype and drama surrounding cryptocurrency prices. Prices are set by markets but value is a different thing entirely, around here we know the difference.