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Why does DASH follow bitcoin into a bear market?


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Why is there this belief that all coins need to follow bitcoins movements?
Can we break free from bitcoin or is everyone to entrenched in the bitcoin is the God, and we all follow suit mentality?
It's because Dash does not yet have a mature transaction ecosystem.

The best thing everyone can do to break Dash's tether to Bitcoin is to transact. We all must transact as much as possible using Dash to break free.
Everybody knows bitcoin, even a dog in the neighborhood.

But how many people know dash outside of crypto-sphere?

This bull and bear came from bitcoin bubble and burst.

Not a surprise to see dash price to act like an altcoin.
You would assume DASH being lesser known that it would have more of a hold tight ecosystem. I think this because people invested in DASH are generally in DASH because of the tech advancements rather than the hype of bitcoin.
Maybe its a bitcoin gateway to and from DASH that's the cause?