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What are your plans with your Cryptocurrencies?

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Hi guys =D May I know what are your plans on your Bitcoin in the future? Do you plan to keep on investing on Bitcoin related businesses or do plan to convert it into fiat and ventures on new business?

Actually, there is no much places to invest, and we can see the prices in these days. The price has been falling slowly, also we can see a lot scams related Bitcoin etc.

We may can discuss about the coins there.
I am going for short term trading. I will keep making money on crypto, but only in fast transactions - buy and sell as soon as the price goes up. I found a nice exchange (coindeal) recently and I have lots of fun trading with them.
While bitcoin - $8000, I bought at - 2 bitcoins, I consider this a good investment. Many do not believe that bitcoin will grow again, but I believe. During the fall, it's time to buy the Crypto currency, if it falls still, at least to 6000, I'll buy more.
Catch the falling knife. With your face. You'll have a cool scar to talk about when people ask you how you got so rich.
Oh, I dunno) maybe ico? But I'm not sure how to avoid scam. I try to search the web for some ico list, they can help, I guess, but they also require analysis. I think I'll start with small amounts.
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Honestly I would buy cryptocurrencies which are newly created because bitcoin trending is getting stable as majority of trader are now familiar with this. I would recommend to pick a new create one to get the most of it. All the best
I honestly want that bitcoin comes back to their higher prices soon. The Bitcoin price is sitting at $8,113 representing a gain of 0.14% on 16th April and today it is again in the loss with 0.52% at $7962.
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Yes, you can buddy @Reartand, over the past seven days, the cryptocurrency market has increased in value from $324 billion to $385 billion, as the bitcoin price increased from $8,000 to $8,800 and other major cryptocurrencies also recorded gains in the 10 to 20% range.
I am going to invest my BTC into ICO project. I am interested in DAV ICO. It has an interesting idea to unite all unmanned vehicles and its users. Even though unmanned vehicle can not be used as a full-fledged taxi at the moment, ordering the small cargo delivery by a quadcopter is already realistic. I also follow the cryptocurrency market price and news to be aware of the latest news.
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I swapped most my bitcoin in dash, because

it's too expensive to send them around.

but since dash is pushing new ugly logo instead of

blue chip stock image that I like, I am looking to swap to something else.

won't be bitcoin or litecoin though.
Of course! Now I study a subject of arbitration of cryptocurrency, by the way who can share information on this subject?
Of course! Now I study a subject of arbitration of cryptocurrency, by the way who can share information on this subject?
Hi, I can tell that it is necessary to consider and analyze much to earn in this way. There are services which allow to minimize these risks and also bots which send signals can test bibitbot. There give free days on the test, you will look how it looks. Whether precisely so you want to earn