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Welcome Mario Müller To The Team

Welcome to the Dark (officially) Aswan!
United we stand, and the talent coming to this team is incredible! Keep tearing Darksend apart, buddy!
Tweeted officially and unofficially.
very nice
welcome aswan, great move of the whole team !!!
Aswan, (Ger)man of mystery, hero of darksend.. so happy you are onboard!

* I love you Evan please don't get mad I called him hero of darksend.
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Welcome Aswan! Your posts always hurt my brain, but in a good way. Usually I (think I) understand them on the sixth or seventh re-read. :grin:
After your 6-7 re-reads I start to understand what he meant and my understanding is at lvl of your 1st read if not lower ;)
Good to have the high quaity IT ppl here! :)
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