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We will be posting a proposal actively soliciting for candidates in the upcoming annual TP election.


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  1. Howdy ladies and gentlemen. We are pretty much ready to launch the election process for the next class of Trust Protectors. Before publishing this as an information proposal, we would like feedback and constructive criticism.

  2. [9:12 AM]
    We are actively seeking candidates to stand for election as Trust Protectors for the annual election. We are looking for people who are knowledgeable about Dash, recognize the big picture of what Dash is trying to accomplish and are determined to get there. We are looking for people who are thoughtful and passionate and determined. They must be willing and able to attend digital meetings every two weeks or so, and follow up on assignments/homework. I have not found the job to be a huge burden and it is interesting and rewarding work. Yes, we sometimes get to deal with urgent situations. It is not necessary to own a full Masternode. I am not 100% sure if we have ever had a Trust Protector that did not own at least a share of a MN. Make your case and maybe you could be the first. Dash Core Group is a US corporation. The Dash Trust is a legal entity that owns the intellectual property and other assets of DCG for the Masternode Owners. It is also our job to supervise the internal DCG working board. In the big picture, our job is to promote and protect the interests of the shareholders of the trust,the Masternodes. By agreeing to be a Trust Protector, you are agreeing to be legally, morally and ethically bound to promote the best interests of the Masternode community. To overstate the case a bit to illustrate the point, your opinion about strategy or decision x, y or z suddenly doesn’t matter. What is best for Dash and the Masternode community? That’s what matters. That’s what you must do.

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    In real life, your beliefs and opinions about Dash inform how you think and act to achieve the best outcomes for Dash and the MN community. So your outlook and opinions ARE important for making forward progress, but always in the context of the big picture: What is best for Dash? That’s why we need a group of thoughtful, determined people to serve as Trust Protectors. As a group with our various perspectives, we are much better at determining the best way forward for DCG, the Masternodes and Dash. Ask not, "What can Dash do for me?" But rather, "What can I do for Dash?" We are making a serious attempt to remedy the problems that have plagued fiat money for a thousand years. There are still well over a billion people who do not have access to decent banking services and honest money. Clearly, we have work to do. With respect to timing, this budget cycle we are actively recruiting candidates, and the next budget cycle, each candidate will have a yes/no proposal. The candidates with the most net yes votes will be considered elected to the next class of Trust Protectors. This is the same method the DIF used and it is a big improvement over the previous method. Shoot us an email if you are interested. Super easy on the new website for all things relating to Trust Protectors: https://www.dashtrust.org/
I advise sharing the legal paperwork required to be brought on officially as a Trust protector prior to the election.

I know that in past years, two or three elected individuals (hey, including myself) decided to drop out after seeing this paperwork. Time and effort then had to be spent on contacting the next-highest-voted candidates and seeing if they wanted to get on-board, etc.

In short -- please consider saving everyone time and effort by fully disclosing upfront the legal process required to serve in this organization.