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We have written a book about Dash. How should we call it? (Dash Embassy)

How should we call our book?

  • Digital Cash Guide

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Dash Kompendium (Dash Compendium)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Das Handbuch des digitalen Bargeldes (The handbook of Digital Cash)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Eine Einführung in die Welt des digitalen Bargelds (An introduction to the world of Digital Cash)

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Blockchain, Bitcoin & Dash - Das Geld der Zukunft (Blockchain, Bitcoin & Dash - The Future of Money)

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • Something else

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Did you know that we have written a book (of course in German)?

Our original idea was to create educational material for our Dash Ambassadors but as the text kept growing we thought that the book could serve as an all-in-one introduction to money, fiat, blockchain, cryptocurrency and Dash. The book will be available to everyone and we wanted to make it the number one introduction for those new to the crypto space.

The text of the book is finished (not proof-read), and it is currently 200 pages long but we have to insert some pictures and graphics so that it will be something like 230 pages in the end.

But one thing we haven't yet decided on, is the name of the book. Therefore, we have created this poll to ask the community about what name you think would be appropriate. We have entered some ideas but feel free to add yours to the table. If you are not a German speaker, ask yourself what content you want to be put into the name.

You can find the book here. If you can speak German feel free to comment any suggested changes using the commentary function inside the document - we have not proof read it because we just finished the text today and wanted to immediately share it:

I will include a translation to the table of content, so that you can see what we have written about:

2. Money as a means of exchange
2.1 A short history of money
2.2 Properties of money
2.3 Functions of money
2.4 Forms of money
2.5 Summary

3. The banking and finance system
3.1 The European System of Central Banks (ESZB)
3.2 Mission, Strategy and Goals of the European monetary policy
3.3 Money supply and the creation of money
3.4 Problems of the current monetary system
3.4.1 Weaknesses of the current banking and finance system
3.4.2 Economic crises The first worldwide economic crisis from 1857 Inflation in Germany from 1914 - 1923 The Great Depression form 1929 - 1933 Global Financial Crisis since 2007
3.5 Summary and Literature

4. Cryptocurrency basics
4.1 Cryptocurrency vocabulary
4.2 Overview of existing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
4.3 Challenges for cryptocurrencies
4.3.1 Regulations
4.3.2 Acceptance
4.3.3 High volatility
4.3.4 Scalability
4.3.5 Energy consumption
4.3.6 Hacking and Manipulation
4.3.7 Malevolence of old financial institutions and lobbies
4.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of cryptocurrencies
4.5 Summary and Literature

5. Technological foundation
5.1 Technological vocabulary
5.1.1 Data
5.1.2 Database
5.1.3 Programs and Algorithms
5.1.4 Networks and Nodes
5.2 Cryptography
5.2.1 Cryptographical Basics
5.2.2 Caesar encryption
5.2.3 Hash
5.2.4 Hash tree
5.2.5 Attacks on Hash functions
5.2.6 Public Key
5.2.7 Digital Signature
5.3 Distributed Ledger

5.4 Blockchain
5.4.1 Basics of Blockchain technology
5.4.2 Blocks
5.4.3 Types of Blockchains
5.4.4 Wallet
5.4.5 Blockchain transactions
5.5 Mining and Validation
5.5.1 Consensus
5.5.2 Mining
5.5.3 PoW
5.5.4 PoS
5.5.5 DPoS
5.5.6 DBFT
5.5.7 PoI
5.5.8 PoC
5.5.9 PoA
5.5.10 PoO
5.6 Use cases for Blockchain technology
5.7 Summary and Literature

6. Legal implications of cryptocurrencies
6.1 Legal status of Cryptocurrencies
6.2 Regulator Oversight
6.3 Taxation
6.4 Privacy Laws
6.5 Other legal implications
6.6 Summary and Literature

7. Dash
7.1 What is Dash?
7.1.1 History, Mission and Goals
7.1.2 DAO, DGBB and Proposals
7.1.3 Dash Treasury
7.2 Mining (X11 vs SHA256)
7.3 Masternodes, Miner and Dash Core
7.4 Dash Transactions
7.4.1 Transactions and fees
7.4.2 InstantSend
7.4.3 PrivateSend
7.5 Dash Evolution - The Future
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