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video for Remittance , please watch it

As noted, Dash has not been added to Coinbase, and if you have to mention Bitcoin at all, it should be after Dash.

And I found the stylized beard just looked like a big black hole in his face until i realized it was a beard.

So, good start, but room for improvement.
Hi @Dashmaximalist I've reflected on this, and I think that in its current form the video will not receive sufficient support for funding from the Treasury. Its a good video and I like it. Personally I favour Uphold rather than Coinbase (and I promote Uphold in my link to your video)

To those who have commented that Dash should be before Bitcoin, I disagree. I think that Bitcoin has had, (and will continue to get) loads of free PR and the name Bitcoin is completely accepted by the general public as synonymous for the Crypto industry. Similar examples are words like "Hoover" and "Tanoy" which relate to specific brands but are accepted as a meaning for the entire industry.

I believe that Dash will benefit by association with the word "Bitcoin", and Bitcoin and Dash rolls off the tongue nicely, rather like "Coke and Pepsi" or "Windows and Mac" or whatever... You get the idea right?

Pls see www.bitcoinanddash.com ;-)
As I say, I think the video is good. Its sharp and snappy, and its a bit like a calling card. But.... I don't think the Masternode voters would accept a request for the level of funding you would want to promote it for a big campaign.

Now some people have the audacity to negatively critique the films of Stanley Kubrick... and he was perhaps the best film maker of all time. So, no matter what you do, some ppl won't like it!

But, if you really want feedback, then it just a question of style which is of course subjective to the viewer. I had to chuckle at the comment above about the "Black Hole on his face" - personally I hadn't noticed this, but its quite funny when you look at it again. For me, I don't know why the guy has female looking eyes (or eye makeup) which is a little bit weird... But ultimately none of this stuff is important. Also, the narrator says "Once and forever" I think "Once and for all" sounds better in English.

I don't think the video should promote Coinbase (unless they start accepting Dash) But Uphold is great because this video should be about "Bitcoin and Dash" - So more emphasis on Uphold is needed, with perhaps a brief mention of Coinbase just to provide context of a well known exchange.

There's a little confusion about save 5%, and save 10% to 50%, we have to be careful here because some financial regulators look very dimly on promised % claims or savings.

Perhaps the video could illustrate a little bit more about the local bitcoins sale in the home country just to give some comfort to the viewer that this is easy to do. (Afterall, if they don't know how to sell the Bitcoin or Dash, they are going to be in a difficult situation!)

Please don't be upset with me. I like your video and I'm happy to promote it. If you want to put a proposal in, then go ahead. It may pass, it may not... I don't think it will pass right now, but, I don't know for sure. I think you would be risking the loss of 5 dash tho!
The proposal would have been for a marketing budget to promote the video, and generate interest via the use case of remittances and to use the technique of brand association by linking dash to bitcoin to create and increase market awareness of dash. (Everyone has heard of btc, not many know of dash yet.) However, I’ve decided not to go forward with this proposal at this time, but I’m happy to point my domain name to the video clip to try and generate some organic views without the need of a marketing budget funded by the treasury. The video belongs to @Dashmaximalist and I only reached out to him yesterday (when I saw the video for the first time) as I really liked the video. We had a chat about it and the possibility of a joint proposal. But, as I say, I’m not gonna be involved in any formal proposal right now.

Hope this clears things up. I’m just a dash fan and investor. :)
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