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Venezuelan composer will be Dash's ambassador on tour in South America

who is JAS?
José Agustín Sánchez

José Agustín Sánchez was born in June, 1989 in Táchira, Venezuela. He is a pianist, an orchestra conductor and a Venezuelan composer whose career has gained notoriety for his methods of composing musical works, which break the established paradigms, based on in situ experiences, through face-to-face and direct contact with nature, as well as with communities and their culture. This way of creating music contrasts with the traditional labor of the composer that writes from a fixed place like his house or office, far away from stages, without perceiving the reality that surrounds him nor sharing with his human environment.

In total, it records nine works for symphonic orchestra, more than 20 for chamber music, two recordings and numerous choral compositions. He is the winner of the Simón Bolívar composition prize with the musical piece "La Leyenda del Silbón" and obtained the "special mention" as preferred work by the “Simón Bolívar” Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. He also received the "Orden Alirio Díaz" in his only class, being one of the most important recognitions that are granted in the Venezuelan musical field.

Just as the master Gustavo Dudamel broke the paradigms asociated to a classical music director, and the different created orchestras and formed in the National System of Youth and Children’s orchestras and choirs of Venezuela did the same, demonstrating that academic music is not just about elites or an adult audience, the master José Agustín Sánchez is one of the figures that is changing the orthodox image of what a composer represents, revealing a very modern and innovative way of writing music.

The route of INSPIRATION
This reflective effort of art, characteristic of José Agustín Sánchez, seeks to break with traditional models of composition, promoting the search for a voice of its own and the creation of new repertoires in the world of classical music; just as he did in 2013 when JAS was awarded the Thomas J. Whatson Fellowship Award, which took him on a journey through Asia.

That opportunity led to the creation of his first orchestral work entitled “5 Discursos de Paz", completed in the base camp of Mount Everest, after having traveled most of the Himalayas, making him the first composer of symphonic works in the world to compose in that mythical place, located at almost 6 thousand meters above sea level, using a melodic (“el amarillo“ as the artist usually calls it) as a musical instrument. 5 Discursos de Paz, was released later in the most important stages of his native Venezuela.

Despite being a great virtuoso of the piano, it is with his facet of composer that he has acquired international recognition. In New York his orchestral music was performed by the American Symphony Orchestra as well as by the orchestra of the Bard College Conservatory. His works for chamber music were performed numerous times by the famous contemporary group The Da'capo Chamber Players in New York and by the group Alia Music in Pittsburg. As a composer of choral music he debuted with the choir of Atlantic College on a tour of Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

The entrepreneurial and creative spirit of the young pianist, composer and director, José Agustín Sánchez (JAS), embarks him on a new professional cycle as a resident composer of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas, so as to take him around the sites of Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador in a project that will delve into their cultures and realities in search of inspiration: The Sounds of the South.

The artistic exploration route, which aspires to have the sponsorship of DASH, and which will last a whole year, will allow the acclaimed musician to live and understand the culture of each city visited, its relationship with nature, its temples, monuments and the land itself, so as to translate it into a new orchestral work that will be released in Venezuela in October 2018.

The sounds of the south will be guided by the composer's own discoveries and translated into the universal language of music, while linking with composers, performers and other artists, the DASH community and the general public during the tour.

A series of concerts preceded by lectures and talks that will discuss the links of music, new technologies and promoting platforms of art, will make JAS an ambassador of the DASH brand, the main sponsor of the cultural initiative in each of the countries visited.

Focusing on the DASH Digital money brand exhibition, José Agustín Sánchez will document the journey through South America, especially in temples, landscapes and unconventional settings. It will have interaction with suppliers of products and services that are part of the DASH community and will record their exchange experience with them, through videos, photographs and podcasts that will be published on social networks.

The production of content in the form of videos, photographs, podcasts and articles translated into English and Spanish, as well as a carefully planned media plan during the tour will allow fans of The Sound of the South to know the benefits, authenticity and safety of the DASH community as a possible promoter of the creative process of an artist.

The project team

José Agustín Sánchez, pianist, composer and director. Main talent of “Sonidos Del Sur".
Phone number: +58 4247336043 /+591 76357793
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @JASCompositor Twitter: @JASCompositir Facebook: José Agustín Sánchez

Richard Mendoza: Road Manager - Operative assistant
E-mail: [email protected] +58 4147118192

Eugenia Alcala Sucre - Project advisor, workshops leadership
Telephone: +58 424 840 7568
E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @dashcaracas - Facebook: @Dashcaracas

Hanny Figueroa - Project management
Phone number: +58 41656129591
E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @hannygfigueroa - Twitter: @hannyfigueroa - Facebook: hanny Gabriela Figueroa

Roberto Palmitesta: Media manager
Phone number: +58 4129620981
E-mail: [email protected]

Mariana Herrera: Comunity manager
Teléfono: +58 4142696849
E-mail: [email protected]

Target audiences

1. Dash community.
2. Community of musicians and other artists who live in the countries of the tour.
3. Venezuelan entrepreneurial artists.
4. Dash suppliers (donors) who contribute with the tour.
5. Suppliers of products and services that accept Dash in each of the countries visited.

Purpose of the project / justification

Art and culture are a fundamental component for the development of our societies and, according to UNESCO, they are a determining factor in the fight against poverty and exclusion. The culture unifies and at the same time distinguishes the particularities and richness of each town. Music, as a cultural expression of these societies, of course, also stands out as a source of identity, creativity and innovation for people.

With the tremendous advance of technology, the creators and managers of culture have entered a new dimension of opportunities for the development of creativity and innovation, capable of maximizing the potential and scope of their projects, capting attention of issues or areas of interest, achieving the active participation and enjoyment of a growing audience regardless physical and social boundaries.

In this sense, we believe that adding the DASH Digital Money brand to the promotion of this artistic and cultural initiative, not only contributes to creative development and collective welfare, but also encourages the adoption of novel alternatives based on the use of new technologies to achieve that society well-being,

which in some cases it will include members of the DASH community, in other groups of interest within its geographical sphere of influence and the general public.


In addition, supporting a cultural level initiative such as “Sonidos del Sur" will ensure the construction of a positive public reputation associated with the image of DASH, the possibility of impacting the opinion of the influencer, greater exposure and media coverage, and consequently , a greater adoption of the cryptocurrency.

As a member of the largest musicians community in the world and one of the most prestigious: the system, and coming from a nation marked by a deep social, political and economic crisis, José Agustín Sánchez's project will inspire and open the doors so that a new generation of entrepreneurial artists turn their attention to the knowledge and adoption of DASH and consider it as a new community sponsor of artistic work.

The project “Sonidos del Sur" will be an extraordinary opportunity to link with a cultural initiative that will bring the creative process of the artist in direct contact with people and their cultural diversity, in a documented and great effort in digital media and social networking platforms, as well as in segmented media, ensuring the exposure of the brand and the positive return of image of DASH digital money.

Key deliverables

In this first cultural tour sponsored by DASH Digital Money the composer José Agustín Sánchez would perform, at least, a concert in each of the most important cities that he visits, as well as a minimum of five (5) lectures in each of the programmed countries .

In the lectures, scheduled for 50 people, the composer will conduct a presentation on cryptocurrencies and the DASH community as a possible catalyst and cultural promoter.

In total, there will be 20 talks and a minimum of one thousand (1000) people during the tour and encouraged to be part of the Dash community.

For these lectures, JAS will have a video tutorial (between 5 and 10 minutes) on cryptocurrencies, with special emphasis on DASH, the differentiating characteristics of DASH and the potential of belonging to the DASH community.

For this initiative, and throughout the tour, the invitation will be extended to various entrepreneurs who are already part of the community and who accept DASH, so that the audience can interact with them, validate the usefulness of the cryptocurrency as means of payment and know first hand the experience of momentum and development of each project thanks to Digital Money Dash.

The lectures and master classes will be completely free and will register the attendance of artists and general public who attend, in order to build a database that will receive links and interesting information about the DASH community and the “Sonidos del Sur" project until the tour concludes.

In addition, all events will be documented in video and photography.

Special emphasis will be placed on the registration and publication of all Dash exchanges made by the composer throughout the tour, especially when the exchange is made through the use of prepaid credit cards with Dash in those places where possible and / or necessary to make this type of transactions.

The objective of guaranteeing and sharing the photographic and audiovisual record of these exchanges ,will be to contribute and promote the knowledge and adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

All the material recorded in video or photography will generate enough content to guarantee at least 2 post daily in the social networks of the musician and the project:

Twitter: @jascompositor https://twitter.com/JASCompositor
Instagram: jascompositor https://www.instagram.com/jascompositor/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jascompositor/?ref=your_pages
Tumblr: (travel journal) https://thesoundofthesouth.tumblr.com/

Each organized lecture by “Sonidos del Sur” team will be designed to attend a population of at least 50 people, residents of the cities visited by the composer.

The public database will be implemented to promote monthly content and links of interest associated aspects of Dash Digital Money.

Despite the promotion for knowledge and adoption of DASH among the participants, the actions taken by them to implement or not Dash in the artistic or personal activities are not included in the extent of this project.

Each initiative of the tour will generate key content uploaded to the internet and available to people around the world interested in DASH and the world of cryptocurrencies, and its potential as a promoter of the cultural field, available in both Spanish and English.

Success criteria

We will consider the following aspects as positive indicators of management of this project:

1. Number of people attending the talks and master classes by JAS, whose number will be verifiable thanks to attendance reports, photographs and videos.
2. The number of artistic events where the digital money DASH brand is exposed.
3. The number of likes and interactions on social networks such as youtube videos, podcasts and blog articles.
4. The number of non-traditional scenarios visited by the musician (temples, community spaces, natural sites) where the DASH brand can be exposed, which will be verified through photos, videos and blog articles.
5. Number of interactions with members of the DASH community in the different countries visited, such as suppliers of products and services that accept the cryptocurrency as a form of exchange.

Main known risks

1. Low attendance at artistic and training events – Risk: Low
2. Low numbers of members of the DASH community located in the cities visited by the artist.
Risk: Low.
3. Political and economic barriers associated with the exchange and adoption of cryptocurrencies in some of the countries visited by José Agustín Sánchez. Risk: Medium.
4. Fluctuation Dash and VEF that could impact the budget making it insufficient to satisfactorily cover the costs of the tour. Risk: Low

Immediate needs

Evaluation and approval of the proposal “Sonidos del Sur”, with the aim of making feasible the first stretch of the composer's journey that is already in Bolivia pre-producing concerts in traditional and natural settings of the nation.

External dependencies

In Venezuela we will link the project with dependencies such as:

Ideas Contest (https://goo.Gl/48ayyh)
Wayra (https://goo.Gl/reokz3)
We aspire to involve the relevant telecommunications operators in each country visited, in order to guarantee the transmission of the content, especially in non-traditional scenarios such as remote or inaccessible natural locations.

Communication strategies

The project team will communicate daily and will have at least one weekly meeting, in order to evaluate the progress of the tour, as well as the contents and strategies for its dissemination.

The project manager will generate a status report of the project in the Dash Forum, reporting on the progress and achievements of the cultural project on a monthly basis, which will include the evaluation of the events in each city.