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V12 Release

......gonna just ...... uh... lurk fer now....... watch the oven..... uh yeah....

Thank you my DASH friends! I will turn off the automatic backup. I would suggest the automatic backup is default to off because it can be a security concern especially when there is a backup without password.
Exactly HOW did you delete which wallet.dat (a normal one or one in the "backups" folder) ? Was the wallet/daemon still running?

Which name did you give the new wallet file?

Which operating system?

I did the following without the wallet/daemon running:

% rm ~/.dash/wallet.dat ~/.dash/backups/*

Then, I started the QT wallet and it gave me "dash in Runaway exception" and "A fatal error occurred. Dash can no longer continue safely and will quit." After deleting the .dash/.lock, .dash/.agreed_to_tou and the other non-blockchain related files (e.g. mncache.dat and peers.dat), it can create the new wallet.dat now. So, it is resolved. Thanks!
I'm wondering, as testnet is also getting the v0.12.0.45 and it gets its binaries automatically compiled on flare tools and resources site (which contain direct links to the Atlassian.net builds), in theory we could use those ones ? Specially if bamboo is giving problems..

I'm gonna try it out on testnet

Update : looks like binaries are created there for Testnet with version v0.12.0.45-b0e718a,
however i'm not sure its totally compatible with Mainnet.

I will be further awaiting any official announcement
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Even so the version says 44, I was finally able to start my 2 masternodes and my son's and all seems to be working smoothly (quickly being seen etc...) so good time to go to bed, I think ;) LOL. Before something new happens and I feel like I should update again, LOL.
everything synced (incl Budget), did a bunch of transfers

MN Wallet does not Finnish Budget Sync
but i imagine that is as my MN's are still on v11

that wallet is a serious piece of machinery now
Syncing this and that ... i feel really connected and important now
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Super update guys, Version 44 was a no show, but windows v0.12.0.45-b2b2cef (64-bit) is working fine as wallets, not had chance to update nodes yet.
Thanks for the update.
What minimal settings have to be set in the dash.conf? I get at the moment the Error: To use dashd, or the -server option to dash-qt, you must set an rpcpassword in the configuration file

My actual config is (xxx are representations for other values):


### EDIT and UNCOMMENT the lines below

It's not the false user or permission problem. Any ideas?
Masternodes updated to 12.0.45, all good, lets see if it stays like that over 90 mins, then its really all good.
Win wallet works also ok, all syncs too.
debug.log shows following :

2015-08-16 08:35:52 Verifying mncache.dat format...
2015-08-16 08:35:52 ERROR: Read : Failed to open file /home/qwizzie/.dash/mncache.dat
2015-08-16 08:35:52 Missing masternode cache file - mncache.dat, will try to recreate
2015-08-16 08:35:52 Writting info to mncache.dat...
2015-08-16 08:35:52 Written info to mncache.dat 10ms
2015-08-16 08:35:52 Masternodes: 2852, peers who asked us for Masternode list: 0, peers we asked for Masternode list: 3, entries in Masternode list we asked for: 12, nDsqCount: 45
2015-08-16 08:35:52 Masternode dump finished 11ms
2015-08-16 08:35:53 CActiveMasternode::ManageStatus() - Checking inbound connection to 'MYOWNPUBIPADDRESS:9999'
2015-08-16 08:35:53 CActiveMasternode::GetMasterNodeVin - Could not locate specified vin from possible list
2015-08-16 08:35:53 CActiveMasternode::ManageStatus() - Could not find suitable coins!
2015-08-16 08:35:53 connected to self at MYOWNPUBIPADDRESS:58556, disconnecting

2015-08-16 08:36:46 mnb - Got NEW Masternode entry - bf17c7dae433fdeaa75d0531063cc1508846764a4275b5d6e031368a3dcb9d4b - - CTxIn(COutPoint(e5c6e50ecfa18353bc505b8154c99b1ed6bd027673ef3cd0186c039469a3253d, 1), scriptSig=) - 1439641178
2015-08-16 08:37:00 CMasternodeMan::AskForMN - Asking node for missing entry, vin: CTxIn(COutPoint(0145c6a4be19ff5821c617042225b82672d5365336e8e74ba0ccf24fae2e899e, 0), scriptSig=)
2015-08-16 08:37:04 CMasternodeMan::AskForMN - Asking node for missing entry, vin: CTxIn(COutPoint(f66424281cc89bb6fff8daaaf96fd5bd216c1eaa8ad9c3c3ea2ad285f2b2cd93, 1), scriptSig=)
2015-08-16 08:37:12 CheckBlock() : skipping transaction locking checks
2015-08-16 08:37:12 CheckBlock() : skipping transaction locking checks
2015-08-16 08:37:12 CheckBlock() : skipping transaction locking checks
2015-08-16 08:37:12 UpdateTip: new best=00000000001154f1e277cec1acc10fb76a5905a664af6c351cbde1f9959cd182 height=320205 log2_work=61.644381 tx=1294551 date=2015-08-16 08:36:32 progress=0.999998 cache=123105
2015-08-16 08:37:12 ProcessNewBlock : ACCEPTED
2015-08-16 08:37:28 ResendWalletTransactions()
2015-08-16 08:37:33 receive version message: /DashJ:0.12.2/Dash Wallet: version 70076, blocks=320205, us=, peer=33
2015-08-16 08:37:33 Added time data, samples 16, offset +1 (+0 minutes)

Will this somehow form a problem ? ./dash-cli masternodelist full | grep -e MYOWNPUBIPADDRESS showed "ENABLED"