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v0.11.0 - Darkcoin Core Release


Core Developer
We are excited to announce the release of Darkcoin Core v0.11.0! This is a highly anticipated release and was the result of the work of over 10 people for nearly 2 months. Thanks to all of those that helped with this release by developing, testing, making tickets or even providing servers for testnet.

Here are the release notes:

Darkcoin Core:
  • Fork from Bitcoin 0.9.3 taking advantage of nearly 2 years of development to the Bitcoin core client
  • Rebrand to Darkcoin Core
  • Version bumped to 0.11 to indicate a new major release
  • Renamed client to identify with network from Satoshi to Core
  • Bumped protocol version to 70052
  • Changed p2sh-address versions to start with 7 (instead of 3, this affects public keys only, old scripts remain valid and usable!)
  • Changed testnet address versions to start with x or y (instead of m or n, this affects public keys only, old wallets remain valid and usable!)
  • Defined BIP32 (HD) address versions to start with drkp/drkv (DRKP/DRKV for testnet)
  • Adapted BIP44 coin type 5 for Darkcoin (0x80000005) as defined in SLIP-0044
  • Added new units: duffs (1 / 100.000.000 DRK)
  • Added units for testnet: tDRK, mtDRK, utDRK, tduffs
  • Added new DNS seed from masternode.io
  • Fixed wallet locking after sending coins
  • Add -regtest mode, similar to testnet but private with instant block generation with setgenerate RPC.
  • Add separate darkcoin-cli client
  • Implemented KeePass integration for CLI, RPC and Qt: keepass, keepassport, keepasskey, keepassid,keepassname
  • Improve support for start-many with multi masternode config
  • New masternode rpc commands: stop-many, start-alias, stop-alias, list-conf
  • Fixed possible masternode payments exploit
  • Better support for non-specific masternode payments
  • Added masternode support for regtest
  • Randomly sort masternodes before picking next winner
  • Show number of masternodes in debug window
  • Reduced lower darksend limit to 1.5 DRK
  • Fixed progress bar calculation for low amounts
  • Improved support for adding DRK after anon has completed
  • Added denomination information to Overview tab
  • Added more detailed Darksend status information to Overview tab
  • Added Darksend high precision matching engine
  • Added Darksend balance to getinfo
  • Changed maximum rounds of mixing to 16
Full release notes: https://github.com/darkcoin/darkcoin/blob/master/doc/release-notes/release-notes-0.11.0.md


11.0.13 Core - All Users

Source: https://github.com/darkcoin/darkcoin
Windows .exe: https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin-binaries/raw/master/darkcoin-
Mac OSX: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...in-binaries/master/darkcoin-
Linux: https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin-binaries/raw/master/darkcoin-

Change Log:

11.0.8 / 11.0.9:

- Version bump: Masternodes / Darksend users please update!
- Removed non-denomational inputs, this vastly improves the anonymity provided by the system by removing any traceable element into the mixing of coins (UdjinM6)
- Sessions now have randomized maximum amounts, also improving the anonymity
- corrected getblocktemplate coinbasevalue output, causing some mining issues
- "--litemode" added, which allows the client to run without Darksend, Masternodes or InstantX but still be compatible with the network (for slower computers or if you're not using any of that technology)
- MacOSX is now fixed and supported (flare and UdjinM6)


Nearly perfect darksend (https://github.com/darkcoin/darkcoin/commit/bbd869589cb08945680627d60c5c091cbd2e8208).

- Found the collateral issue that's been causing users to get charged when they shouldn't be. Now collateral should be charged in about 1 in 40 sessions.
- Improvements to DS anonymity - no change will ever be returned to a user in a pool.
- DS Anonymity improvements for smaller wallets (will have a positive effect on all wallets though)
- DS should also be much faster at mixing
- EXACT DS anonymitizing amounts are now supported
- There's a known issue anonymizing small amounts of DRK, try larger amounts if you have any problem (UdjinM6 is working on this)

Performance improvements

- Found the top 5 reasons why performance is suffering for the Darkcoin client and fixed them. Now performance should be similiar to Darkcoil unless you're running Darksend mixing (DS is intensive on the CPU)


This is the last protocol bump and we're moving back to testnet, sorry about all the
updates I just wanted DS to be as secure as possible before moving on to InstantX.

There's going to be 1 more version (11.0.12) after this with some stability fixes (still some segfaults
happing for some people).

- Protocol change: Masternode operators / Darksend users please update!
- Fix unlocking wallet on ds toggle event (UdjinM6)
- Fix incorrect DS txes + few small things including some cleanup / debugging (UdjinM6)
- Implemented DarkSend convertability (thx Aswan/UdjinM6/Minotaur for the idea)

Darksend defaults to a new mode which enables inputs/outputs
of each session to be different. For example 10DRK can be input
and 1DRKx10 can be output. This strengthens the anonymity of
Darksend greatly, which also increasing the usability (Users who
run out of .1DRK denominations can simply turn on Darksend to
split up larger inputs).


- Fixed 2 segfault causes, 1 due to a null reference in the Bitcoin code (https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/5698) upon a fork and the later due to the Bitcoin core code modifying the coins view without a lock on mempool.cs. The client should be much more stable now.
- Fixed issue with running "masternode start" on a remote masternode. This would corrupt the running status, resulting is the masternode failing to ping and falling off the list.
- fix mn payment comment - blocknumbers / new dates according to stats from last 50k blocks (UdjinM6)
- add missing DS/MN/IX options descriptions in help output (UdjinM6)
- allow masternode commands execution while client is in safe mode (UdjinM6)
- fix dseg messaging / banning issue (UdjinM6)


- Improved syncing speed (eduffield)
- Improved pre-mixing to create denominated amounts (UdjinM6)
- Update darkcoin-qt.desktop (vertoe)
- fix overpaying for DSTX - If you're using Darksend, please update (eduffield)
- make collateral inputs from all available inputs but not from mn-like (UdjinM6)
- 4 rounds default for DS, litemode changes for mining
- Catch UTXO set read errors and shutdown (UdjinM6)
- dseg limitations (eduffield)
- more fixes/cleanup/debug output to DS mixing (UdjinM6)
- Moved the note about masternode private keys. (Perry Woodin)
- Made the distinction between masternode private key and wallet private key more clear. (Perry Woodin)
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Awesome, congrats to the team.

I was under the impression that with 11.x we will also see the InstanTx... any update on how this feature is coming along?

Also, to further enhance privacy, we need to move to I2P and do an IP obfuscation of mastenodes.... Update on this would be great as well (is this 11.x or later feature?)

All in all, a great work!
Certainly an auspicious occasion.:smile::smile::smile:

Congrats to Evan and the dev. team.:cool::cool::cool:

Onward and upward... catch your breath then let's push on.:grin::grin::grin:
I can't get the windows zip to download. Comes up as zero bytes and says it damaged. Is it just something my end you think?