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v0.10.15.x Testing

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Yeah, China adoption suffers from instamine accusation - only good PR can get us over this...
Trying to anon 10 DRK 8 rounds:

"Darksend request incomplete: collateral not valid. Will retry..."

Using latest update
Can't we hire a PR company or a media outlet to build a better image (the truth) about Darkcoin? Fees for services like these are super cheap in China.

EDIT: Speaking of internatinal adoption, Russia is searching for cheap alternative for SWIFT system :D
目前在中国日交易量最大的山寨币交易所是btc38,如果Darkcoin能在btc38上面交易,一定能带来大量买家。 在未来1个月内,btc38将有2个新的货币上架,不知道有没有Darkcoin
:wink: 我买了2000个DARKCOIN ,不清楚如何做MN,就放钱包里观望着了

Dude, everyone is being nice to you here because you are writing in Chinese but you are in the wrong thread. This is for testnet purposes ;)

Please move here for market/exchange discussions: https://darkcointalk.org/forums/exchanges.5/
For masternode setup guides please go here: https://darkcointalk.org/forums/guides.32/
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Welcome to the Darkside!
****** PLEASE UPDATE TO v10.15.7 *******

- Fixed the stuck blockchain (due to masternode payments)
- Improves collateral creation for those getting "invalid collateral"
- Minimum confirmation requirements before masternode payment. Must have more confirmations then there are masternodes.

*waiting for flare to compile :)
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