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Using PrivateSend from CLI

I tried to find a guide how to use PrivateSend from CLI because i prefer to run my wallet on server but i did not find any so after some investigation i decided to write my own. Its very simple but maybe can save half an hour for someone ;)

Start dashd. That will enable mixing and you can set mixing rounds.
dashd -enableprivatesend=1 -privatesendmultisession=1 -privatesendrounds=5 -daemon

Check "privatesend_balance".
dash-cli getinfo

Spend your coins. Last "true" is for enabled PrivateSend transaction.
dash-cli sendtoaddress <address> <amount> "" "" false false true

If you want to use InstantSend+PrivateSend
dash-cli sendtoaddress <address> <amount> "" "" false true true
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Thanks for this! I'll include it in the wiki once I get around to documenting RPC.