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University Crypto Mining Club


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Good evening all !

My main objective is to get STEM students from Queens University, in Kingston Ontario Canada, interested and involved in crypto collecting/mining specifically with dash. I would like to set up a GPU mining club consisting of 8 Nvidea or Gigabyte 1060 6gb, plus the additional components to connect and set up the mining rig. I would also like to set up an ASIC miner, to get students affiliated with multiple types of mining, and also to increase students knowledge of how hashing positively benefits block chain technology.

I believe introducing STEM students to block chain technology and specifically dash's technology will not only benefit students, but also benefit Dash.

Each 1060 6gb card would cost 300 - 350 with shipping or in store, mobo/power supply/cpu and sata cables will all be purchased at most cost efficient parts at the time of purchase. Aside from the GPU's the total would be around 2000 CAD for additional components, the cost of the 8 cards would be around 4200 CAD , plus the ASIC miner which looking into costs per hashes acquired, I believe the Antminer S9 would be the best "bang for its buck " at 2257.74 CAD.

Bringing our grand total to 8457.74 CAD not including unexpected costs, so with that,my proposal would be for 6 dash at current market value at 1315.61 for a total investment of 7893.66 USD or 10194.56 CAD.

Considering it would be a university affiliated club, we would need to write what's called a constitution, or mission statement if you'd rather.

Our mission statement is to not profit directly from mining, to donate half of the profits of the investment directly to the university, and the other half funded directly into expanding the club and starting students off with some dash of their own to trade and hold. You could consider our mining operation " non profit"

Our club will have multiple social media accounts, facebook, twitter, youtube ect to connect students on multiple platforms to us, and also to connect masternode voters to our progress !

Now a little about me;

My name is Justin wright, and I am a crypto-collector and miner :) I mine mostly dash and 2 other alt coins. I have been speaking to a college of mine about investing in mining and he had suggested the opportunity through his university. I've known about dash for a while as I mine it , and I had recently thought of this proposal after discussing mining dash with my college Clark.

Let me know what you think of my proposal everyone <3 thanks a lot and happy Dash collecting
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Hi Dellane,

You can invest your money to mining and you get your rewards.

I afraid if you propose to get fund for mining, you won get enough approvals from masternode owners.


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Well considering it would be a university affiliated club, we would need to write what's called a constitution, or mission statement if you'd wrather.

Our mission statement is to not profit directly from mining, and to donate half of the profits of the investment directly to the university, and the other half funded directly into expanding the club and starting club members off with some dash of their own to trade. You could consider our mining operation " non profit"
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I see no reason supporting some specific miner via Treasury. Mining with no risk makes no sense. Moreover, you can't mine Dash with GPUs or S9, I can hardly see why would Dash network invest in supporting other coin infrastructure.


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Hello Dellane. I got some questions about your pre-proposal:

1) How are you possible to mine Dash with GPUs or S9?
2) Are you planning to mine other coins differents than Dash in this Club?
3) How many students you think you will track to get affiliate to this Club?
4) How will you promote this new Club in Queens University?
5) What are you studying? And in what level of your academic career are you?

Wait for your nice reply!


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Hey Carlosjem thank you for the questions happy to answer :) !

Well I'm able to run my 1060 6gb on different pools that are able to mine dash; specifically supernova or miningpoolhub works fine for me, I suppose I could refigure my calculations to include adequate dash mining technology.
And no since the club would be affiliated with dash, we would keep a strict policy to mine only dash, and to start students off with only dash in their wallets.
As of today we have 6 members who are interested in participating in the launch of the club, we expect to reach 25 - 50 after initial set up & first week of advertising about a 2 - 5 % increase in membership per week.
Queens has multiple websites through their student association and the university itself that sets aside advertising space specifically for school sponsored clubs, because of the recent spike in interest in crypto-currencies we would like to use our remaining funds after purchase of equipment to advertise which we think would be an excellent way to reach the student population. Also there are multiple facebook, twitter groups for queens with upwards of 20-30k followers per page who would see these ads.
Currently myself I am not enrolled, my colleague Clark I had mentioned in my pre proposal is a student at queens and suggested this opportunity to me because of my knowledge of cryptos.
I'm a carpenter by trade, but for the past 10 years I have been a major PC hobbiest. I know 4 coding languages, and I've been accepted next year to St Lawrence College in my town for investment management and advising.

Thanks again ! :)


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Hm, to be honest I think you are really, really, really new in this and in hardware in general.

First, it is impossible to mine Dash with GPU, you might do it with CPU and ASIC miner, though S9 is the wrong one. What you need is D3. And if you can prove me wrong about GPU mining with some test results and ROI it would be nice.

Next thing, you said you want to buy 8 Nvidia or Gigabyte 1060s. Well, that is a thing, Gigabyte is a company who work on Nvidia’s GPUs, and there 2 main GPU manufacturers and those are Nvidia and AMD/Radeon. Others use their blueprints and customize them, so in the end you have Gigabyte Nvidia and AMD cards.

Other mine concirns is the value of setting a mining facility for students. What will they gain from that? Isn’t it better to organize blockchain seminars/lessons where they can work with Dash directly? Something what August from Bit To Byte is currently working on.

“Give person a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for life”

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Thank you for your enthusiasm, but my advice is to start with a proposal in a different field, build some trust in the community, grow and contribute value within the Dash Nation, and later find a few people in the community to tackle this opportunity with you as reliable partners. Moreover, mining Dash as you proposed is not possible, so you should think about a different crypto to focus on or work on a different idea. I am sure there are many ways to contribute major value to Dash while building some revenue for your venture.


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I think the best way is invest your money to cloud mining.
It is important to evaluate the credibility of the Cloud Mining Company and also to keep in mind that as the mining difficulty increases the average daily return decreases. I would recommend picking a Cloud Mining Company that allows for reinvesting your daily returns so that you can occasionally reinvest your mining income to step up the hashing power and keep the returns consistent. I signed up for a cloud mining contract for DASH and in a few days the return decreased exponentially as the mining difficulty increased.


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The one draw back with cloud mining companies is that they do not share realtime mining progress , you are provided the earnings update only at the end of a 24hr cycle. Whilst with your own mining rig , you can always adjust mining parameters and shift mining to other coins based on shifting profitability and difficulty.