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Ukrainian DASH Community - Payment System, Video Blogs, Conferences

Some more updates.
1) Launched 10 more restaurants that accept Dash: a network of 9 restaurants Pesto Cafe and Mister Twister. You can find a location of those on DiscoverDash map (Ukraine, Kiev). Dozens more to come in December.

Just forgot to post this one here:)
We've made a conference in Pesto Café and I have to say quite effectively: almost half of newcomers were restaurant/business owners, who came to see our payment system in action:)
More on that in our coverage from Video blog:
Since we didn't find the right spot in February, we are going to make two conferences in March! As usual, if you live in Ukraine, we would be glad to see you on our events:)
Hey guys, have a few updates that we have collected for the last couple of months.

1) POS integrations updates.

Our project is growing exponentially. We didn't expect that but currently software providers are coming to us and ask for the ways to integrate with them.
That proves that our model is working and people are eager to participate in what we are doing.
We created a list of over 300 POS systems we are planning to integrate with on different markets which means that's a very long-term project for us.

At the moment our service is used by Profit Solutions, Poster, 1C however we're working on multiple integrations at the time I'm writing this piece.

2) Client updates.

The biggest challenge we stumbled upon is an expansion of our client base (merchants).

It's growing steadily but there are a few things to be improved, which is exactly what we are working on:
- expansion of our sales team in Ukraine;
- establishment of local representatives in our targeting countries (mostly Europe);
- partnerships with several international payment gateways to process money transfers for merchants who want to keep fiat currency;
- automation of agreement and signature between our service and merchants via web control panel and merchant's personal account (previously we had to sign paper contracts manually with every merchant which was time consuming);
- strategic business and marketing partnerships with several cryptocurrency teams;
- set clear deadlines of how many new clients should we have each month;
- integration with more POS vendors to have a huge network of potential clients;
- development of a referral program that will reward people for getting new merchants on board.

Currently we have merchants in Ukraine, Georgia, Amsterdam and upcoming clients in Poland, Bulgaria, Check Republic.
Europe is an empty market we can work on but there are big plans for Asia and US on our roadmap for those who are interested.

3) Development updates:

There are 3 major things we're trying to achieve with our development team:
- proper communication with dev teams from POS vendors side. This is a very important component for us because when some issues we encounter happen externally, we have to fix them in a very limited time. And it's very challenging to do with so many partners.

- stable nodes. Due to the early stage of the industry, the blockchains we have to work with are very unstable. It seems like the full nodes are working "on their own schedule" and produce an enormous amount of errors without any detailed explanation. Hopefully Dash full nodes are the most stable from all of the blockchains we've worked so far but still there is a space to improve. To fix the issues we stumble upon, our DevOps team is creating pull requests to get some feedback from core developers.

- web control panel for merchants. This is something that we are putting our full effort on because it can boost our sales dramatically and automate so many processes in the long run.

- wallet. This haven't been announced yet but there's a dedicated team of people who are working on multicurrency wallet the Dash community will be able to take an advantage of. Our top features will be a loyalty program and paytm-style payments that will allow us to reach our to any small client there is.

4) Future plans:

After attending Consensus 2018 in NY we are considering to have a mutual strategy with Dash Core in terms of marketing, as well as integrations so stay tuned for big updates.


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I believe you have ripped off the dash community by breaching the bitcoin+dash exclusivity agreement for your payments solution. Can you please clarify
Hey guys, here's some updates on our project (June-September 2018).

Product updates:
1) Launched multicurrency wallet for Android and iOS.

Currently there are not that much good wallets on the market that have all of the features that traditional wallets in financial industry have. It seems like developers in the blockchain industry are developing tools for themselves, not for the average people. We believe that's a major issue and we plan to change it. In 2 months we already have more functionality that most of the wallets on the market: multicurrency support, biometric login, instant payments via mQR (Merchant QR), sms notifications for merchants after successful transaction.

2) Created mQR, a new interface for accepting cryptocurrency.

One of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry is that you never know which of the products can become viral and big. That's why we test different interfaces for both merchants and customers and track which work the best for certain region and/or culture. For instance, most of the Asian market is using solutions like WeChat Pay, Alipay and Paytm. They got accustomed to payments via QR codes and that is a good thing.

One of our target markets is South Korea, which is why we created a product that will have similar experience to the products I mentioned above. However there's a slight difference in the payment flow in mQR. The client is the one who initiates the transaction and chooses in which cryptocurrency he/she wants to pay. In this case, the customer needs to have more knowledge about crypto than the merchant. We believe that is a good approach because most of the merchants don't really want to deal with all of the technical challenges and educate their staff. The only thing the merchant will need to know is that he/she will be notified with push notification or sms on their phone.

Here's a sample of mQR in action:

This product can suit local markets and people who have no smartphones, laptops or even POS systems.

3) Had a complete redesign of our website.

4) Created a new product architecture based on EOS blockchain.

This will allow to scale our system, make it faster, open source most of the core components and smart contracts, make our solution more modular. This is a very strategic move and will take 2-3 months of development.

The reason why we choose EOS is because it is fast, scalable, has no fees, has accounts, an advanced permission management system, smart contracts and other awesome features that perfectly suit our vision and requirements. On top of that, there's no other blockchain in production that can compete with EOS at the moment.

5) Launched a plugin for WooCommerce.

6) Launched a new Merchant App for Android and iOS.

Merchant App is a simple tool that will help merchants to track their transactions and generate invoices. We want to create a seamless experience with this app so that merchant doesn't have to use a Web Control Panel. Obviously we can't move all of the features into the mobile but the bare minimum that will help merchants to manage cryptocurrency payments. The app can be helpful if you don't want to make integration with your POS system or you don't have one.

7) Integrated with Iiko POS.

Other updates:

1) Launched the first B2B solution for one of our clients.

2) Expanded our client base to Amsterdam and Spain.

3) Started to work on legal framework in Russia.

4) Signed a deal with American Nightlife Association in US.

Will help to start the operations in US and expand our merchant list up to 30,000 merchants.

5) Partnered with Bitfury to provide LightningNetwork transactions.

6) Presented our product in Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, Latvia, Georgia, Amsterdam, Vietnam, Ukraine.
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