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Transfering Dash from Jaxx to Electrum


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My Jaxx is facing issues, is there any way through which i can transfer my Dash from Jaxx to electrum through pvt keys ?


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I think Exodus is best option, but need one more step.

Jaxx uses two path(External and Internal), but Exodus uses External only.
As Jaxx reuses m/44'/5'/0'/1/0 as change address(Internal), need to extract privkey of the address.

1) import 12 words mnemonic to Exodus
2) Use bip39 tool, standalone offline version or online version to get privkey
3) import the privkey to Exodus

1) select 12 words
2) enter your 12 words mnemonic or press Generate to test
3) select Dash (m/44'/5'/0'/0)
4) check derived address and priv key
5) change External / Internal to 1 (m/44'/5'/0'/1)
6) check derived address and priv key

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