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The situation in Japan

Japanese investors can send BTC to foreign exchanges and buy and sell DASH.

JFSA does not prohibit Dash. JFSA will not approve that legally registered exchanges will list privacy coins. However, this will make it difficult for criminal investigation and tax investigation, so there is no merit for Japan.

Experts speaking opinions to JFSA and Japanese press organizations do not accurately understand Dash. It is necessary to disseminate information to understand.
Japan’s Self-Regulatory Crypto Exchange Body to Release Voluntary Rules, Report Says

In Japan, Dash is equated with coins running a hidden blockchain like Monero or Zcash. They are called by the term "anonymous currencies". The Nikkei newspaper reported that currencies such as Monero, Dash, Zcash etc. which have been regarded as a problem from the height of anonymity are likely to disappear from the front stage.
https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO31900130Y8A610C1EE9000/ (Members Only)

Dash is running a public blockchain and so we are as transparent as needed and possible. It is very important to notify this to Japan's 16 licensed crypto exchanges and FSA.
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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Ecosystem in Japan 2018
“ 5. Cryptocurrencies or tokens that are allowed to be officially traded and sold to the public in Japan are limited (so-called whitelist systems) and the list of those coins is maintained and updated by the industry association appointed by FSA.

6. Notable coins to be excluded by the list are privacy coins such as Zcash, Monero, and Dash. ”​
Just tell them that if they're worried about money laundering they'd better just ban them ALL because they're ALL anonymous. Ban any branches of the BSI while they're at it...and Deutsche Bank Japan and monetary gold, silver, stocks of salt, wheat, bearer bonds and jewellery.

That should about do it ;)
Their response is either irrational and foolish, or they are making some concessions to keep the legislators and bankers "happy".
Bank of Japan has been in trouble for a while, crypto creates a risk of capital flight, China put in "bans" over similar concerns and it didn't do much, see how long the BoJ holds out on this, at some point they may need capital support coming in from crypto. Cat & mouse game with the legacy systems around the world.
The Financial Services Agency touts the protection of the user. Not recognizing the privacy of cryptocurrencies goes against user protection. Furthermore, because Bitcoin has low anonymity and fungibility, those who wish for anonymity resort to over-the-counter (OTC) trading without using an exchange. OTC trading prices are higher than regular market prices, making this form of trading appeal to sellers as well. This sort of environment quickly becomes a hotbed of money laundering and tax evasion. What's more, the FSA claims to be working towards the cultivation of the virtual currency market, but the exclusion of privacy coins will almost undoubtedly place pressure on the development of many coins."
This may be the best series of words ever to appear on the DASH forums.

Send this to every government entity forever...

Not that it will necessarily change their minds. They know that they're creating OTC money laundering problems with their actions. Which they hope to then use as an excuse for even more onerous regulations.

They need to know that we're watching and know what they're up to, and make it publicly known.
Japanese laws and regulations are not restrictions on cryptocurrencies. It regulates exchanges.

The initiative of the examination when exchanges newly listed cryptocurrencies was transferred from the FSA to the JVCEA of the self-regulatory organization.

In Japan, there is no law prohibiting the listing of Dash, and JVCEA does not prohibit the listing of Dash. JVCEA prohibits the listing of coins that may not be audited and coins that may be used for money laundering rather than bitcoin.

Dash can be listed if the exchange that wants to list Dash persuades JCVEA and FSA.
The economy was at its peak in the 80s when I was a child. There was plenty of work and plenty of money for everyone. I never knew a homeless person or even a person who had problems making ends meet. No doubt they existed, but they were too infrequent to be noticed. Everyone was full of hope and enthusiasm for the future. New neighborhoods were being built everywhere with cheaply constructed homes for all the new young families.

A book came out in the mid-1980s in Japan called Child Shock. It said that birthrates were declining in Japan and would cause severe problems in 20 or 30 years. At the time we didn’t quite believe the predictions. It seemed a bit extreme.
I like this country's approach to all things. They are very attentive for all parts of life. Many countries are still perceived with caution to cryptocurrencies. Sure, for Japan it will become commonplace very soon.