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The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

Yeah, I was really looking forward to his talk/demo. Another user (Mangled?) suggested the periscope app:

What is Twitter's periscope? Periscope is Twitter's new live-streaming video app, not to be confused with the recently launched Meerkat, also a live-streaming app. It allows you to watch and broadcast live video from all across the globe, meaning you could switch from watching a peaceful wander across the beaches of Cornwall to a protest in Egypt.

Might be the easiest option if there is nothing else available.
It's the great day, Evan will speek at 10:40 AM ;)
Somebody has a link for to watch the Bitcoin Conference Miami in streaming ?
Don't be so excited - there will be much more days like this. I am pretty sure about it.
Historical day was 2 years ago, when the coin was "born". :)

You are right, but today is the first day when we show the real world usage of drk/DASH.

That is why it is historical date! :)
We are in development of another project for showing power of IX, soon we will announce it :)

Long live DASH.

PS> if anybody share link of live stream I am sure many of us would like to watch :)
What an amazing day. First, I want to recognize the amazing work of TheDashGuy, Solarminer, moocowmoo, camosoul, Raptor73, and anyone else involved in the soda machine project. I'm telling you, having people actually see the technology in action drew interest to our booth, got people engaged in discussion, and really made it tangible for them. You could see people's faces light up when they saw it working, and everyone wanted to know what was happening behind the scenes to make it happen.

The amount of work and perseverance it took to complete that project on time amazes me... so proud of this community today, I cannot even begin to show my appreciation for those guys.

Just as an example of the impact, I talked to one gentleman today to owned an aviation fuel business. He immediately grasped what made Dash different when he saw that soda machine working. He said "I would like to be able to accept Bitcoin, but I can't have my customers waiting 10 minutes for a block confirmation, and I can't dispense $8,000 worth of aviation fuel without assurances that a transaction confirms, or I'll be targeted by fraud. So I see how this would solve my issue."

Literally every single person I interacted with today, and there were dozens, were supportive and excited by what Dash is doing. Even if they had never heard of Dash, by the time they left the booth, they knew what made Dash special and why it deserves to be a top ranked cryptocurrency. I even saw a couple of people buying Dash on the spot on their phones today.

Great job to everyone involved today... But tomorrow is when the real magic happens when Evan gets to take the main stage. This project is truly unstoppable!!!

Man this is so exciting! Make sure to let us know how today goes!!!
Don't be so excited - there will be much more days like this. I am pretty sure about it.
Historical day was 2 years ago, when the coin was "born". :)

Now that we've been stable for so long, and we know what we want to do next (adoption, UEX) conferences like this will definitely become more of a norm.

That said, this is by far the most exciting time to be into DASH yet. Masternode network is robust and growing. InstantX in action at a conference booth, Evan presenting amongst industry leaders, DarkSend is working, etc.

I remember being excited about the masternode network being implemented. Yesterday was like a dream!!! Today is going to be better. The next conference even more!