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The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

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What's the dash address for the soda machine so we can keep track of transactions? Or is that a bad idea since anyone can then send dash and disrupt the process? Sounds like some geolocation support on top of the address could help with that issue!

I'll ask how many sodas were purchased compared to how many are left and make a graphic for this instead. As the QR codes change every time someone buys a soda.
I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope it highlighted the power of this technology, and the difference between Bitcoin and Dash.

I challenge more people to do this! Hell I hope we just do this as a marketing piece in a room with some good lighting and a better camera. We could really turn this whole thing into a commercial of sorts for InstantX & the masternodes.
Some final photos from Mr. tungfa

One of us will be photoshopping all of these and reposting them with better lighting. But I am admittedly no photographer and don't know how to do much color correction, so I'm waiting.

Slack for iOS Upload-9.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-10.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-11.jpg