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The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread


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Let's use this tread for Bitcoin Miami Discussion and I will keep the top post edited with all the latest pictures that everyone is sending me. When Solarminer has some time, we'll upload a lot of this to DashnDrink.com as well. I hope everyone is having a blast!

Important Conference Info:
Evan Duffield's Presentaion - Lead Developer at Dash 10:40 & 11:00 AM (Miami Time) On Friday January 22nd, 2016! (Tomorrow)

Sidenotes: We had 120 people on dash.org at once between guests and members so far for today.

The Soda Machine getting some usage:

Tungfas Photos:
Slack for iOS Upload.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-1.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-3.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-2.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-4.jpg Slack for iOS Upload-5.jpg

Some of the crew:
Slack for iOS Upload-6.jpg

More Bitcoin Dash Miami Photos:
evan-soda.jpeg CZQHqepUsAIvU3d.jpg

Highlights in general:
Slack for iOS Upload-7.jpg

More photos here: https://dashtalk.org/threads/the-north-american-bitcoin-conference-thread.7733/page-2#post-79603
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