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The blossom of Blockchain applications in financial services

Jan Hart

New member
Blockchain and its applications to cryptocurrency are considered as the dominant technologies of the year 2017.

With the ability to deliver transparent data in real time, save storage space, ensure high security and identity, Blockchan can improve the tangible productivity and the effective performance in transactions and payment, improve the foreign exchange network and enhance the technological application to other business sectors.

With all the outstanding advances, blockchain is considered as the “key’’ technology to digital exchange, building up the future information technology foundation in the concept of industrial revolution 4.0.

2018 will be a promising year with the large-scale applications of Blockchain to many aspects of real life, especially the financial services.


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And very soon it will be used by governments, one of its uses will be to collect taxes. it is something that is being studied, its uses will be more frequent every day.