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The Birth Of Darkcoin

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Almost 4 years after the story was posted. Im amazed how this project growth and it still.

Its awesome how main goals are the same and how the community is working to achieve them.
I try to do my part in getting this coin popular, and coins given away often results in people staying, if its done the right way
It's amazing how much it has grown. I remember very well the first time I heard and had my first Darkcoins. I had them in CEX for a while and could mine in the cloud in a nice way. Hahahah Golden times when this whole world began to gather strength.
Wonderful and inspiring story. The project has become a solid community in which people are concerned to provide benefits for all. Congratulations for a great idea to make better the world of cryptocurrencies.
You can answer these questions yourself using a public block explorer for BTC, LTC and DASH.

All of these older coins had interesting launches, with BTC getting stuck at block 14 within the first 24 hours, and LTC and DASH getting the difficulty wrong and releasing either too many blocks or too many coins per block. Monero cannot be verified in this way since the blockchain is private, but also had an interesting launch due to some miners using unreleased optimised software to gain an unfair advantage.

Either way this history is not particularly important today - better to look at the current coin distribution. There was an article on DFN recently about that.
Awesome, appreciate the history.

This should be made mandatory to everyone who deals with, or intends to deal with, Dash. Helps us better understand where we are now and where Dash has come from.

Maybe in the form of a quiz? :)
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