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Teachers for Liberty and Economic Freedom Chapter of CLE-Ghana for Dash

This proposal will augment the tentacles of Dash in the Ghanaian community and of course when teachers and students become aware of anything new in Ghana, it has a greater percentage of spreading beyond the imagination of even the conveyer, the new child will become the order of the day and will be on the libs of every student. Cryptolib in question has left a very good mark as he touched the lives of many in the Ghanaian society and I hope to see this project will equally grant financial freedom not only to teachers and teachers but society in general.
Cheers mate!
This will be a great proposal i vote yes for this. The target group is on point and i think if this group realy embrace Dash it will have a greater inpact
The idea of teaching dash to teachers is an effective tool in promoting dash. I know the power of convincing teachers have on students and if they accept it. Students would accept and they are the growing generation. Consider a Yes, but involve the teachers and don't forget to tell them to promote Dashdirect in classroom