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Szukam wsparcia technicznego - konsultanta ($)


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Właśnie ruszamy projekt oparty na forku dasha. Jest ogarnieta ekipa od c++ i node.js, natomiast szukam wsparcia osoby, ktora w dashu technicznie mocno siedzi.

Czy interesowałaby kogoś tutaj odpłatna współpraca przy projekcie w roli konsultanta? Ktoś, kto będzie prowadził reszte ekipy za rękę jeśli chodzi o bebechy dasha (przekaże trochę wiedzy, poradzi, pomoże znaleźć rozwiązanie).
Parttime/fulltime. Kwestie $ do dogadania. Czas: teraz :)

P.S. Jeśli w złym miejscu napisałem tego posta, proszę o łagodne traktowanie.
We're based in Lodz, Poland. The project is new coin based on Dash. There are some changes in config about halfing, rewards, masternodes etc. One big feature connected to their instant payments. C++ mainly, node.js additionally. Team of 3 c++ guys, 1-2 node.js
What's the difference to DASH IS? Or "just another fork"? Feel free to PM if you don't want it public.
|Thank you for your message. Apologies for not responding before. I lost the track of this post.

The main goal is to focus on instasend (making it the only transfer way) and on making this coin more personal for the owner. It is build for a client and by his business approach. Of course all code going to be public.
We are now at closing the phase 1 development, starting testing this solution. Happy to discuss more if you'd like to hear more :) We are currently looking for someone who can review the code and help us test and improve the core. Paid help of course. If you're interested in (either just info about our coin or helping), please PM me.
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