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Strike Social Update - Increase Dash awareness on YouTube


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Proposal link: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/strike-social-youtube

Hi everyone!

We've been updating the community about this project in our proposal thread. We are now creating this thread to improve our communication with everyone. We are really excited about the results we have to share.

  • Strike Social had a very successful first month of the campaign with over 2.5MM views delivered
  • The Dash videos are highly targeting to an engaged audience. This is evident in the fact that the average view rate is 52% and the average video completion rate is 38%.
  • Benchmark view rates across all of YouTube range between 22-24%. Benchmark video completion rates range between 8-10% for videos of this length. This strong performance shows that Strike Social is finding the correct audience that is open to learning more about Dash. The audience is engaging with the ad.
  • So far, the most engaged audience happens to be a slightly younger demographic who is a female on their mobile device.
  • The best indication that the campaign is working is that Google just recently completed a Brand Lift Study to measure if the ad was boosting awareness. Google found that the video is driving a lift of 44% vs. people that saw the video vs. people that haven't seen the video. This shows that the media dollars are providing a positive experience and lifting the overall Dash brand.

  • Check the presentation below for more details.

Next Steps:
  • Strike Social will continue to take learning and optimize for the top performing audiences
  • Strike Social will be launching a campaign in (5) new markets to drive awareness -- Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Russia and Venezuela (see approved proposal)
  • Strike Social will continue to work with Ogilvy and Fernando to update creative, when ready.

Thanks everyone! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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Hi everyone!

We have some more exciting updates to share with you.

Campaign performance through March 15th:
  • The campaign has eclipsed 3,000,000 views and is still well above benchmark with an overall video completion rate of 34%
  • As a reminder, the benchmark for video completion rate is 10%. This shows that the targeting and optimizations Strike Social's providing are strong
  • Females who are on their mobile devices continue to be the sweet spot on who to reach and where in order to drive maximum engagement
  • Strike Social continues to heavily optimize and find a relevant audience within the crypto and financial investment space. All of the granular optimizations continue to prove effective
You can find more information detailing performance per country in the report attached below.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


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