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P2Pool Sell mining Pool


New member
Selling ready mining pool. The pool is assembled on the best modern engine. Includes a website page and users (plus a free, simple logo from me for your domain). Supports many hashing algorithms. 50+ and can be increased. All the main cryptocurrencies and the mass of new ones, in general, almost any crypt. A pool in the format of a VHD disk (opt.Linux, a disk is dynamic and you can set any size) It can be easily and quickly deployed through programs like VirtualBox and the like, in the form of Wirth. disk. And also on any physical. machine, whether it is a PC or laptop as the main. Opt. the system.
Poole was collecting for himself, but because there appeared another more interesting work, I’ll give it as superfluous. By default, the donate pool percentage is 0.5%, but this can be changed at your discretion, all parameters are customizable. I ask cheap, $ 250 for the entire package, plus detailed instructions and assistance in the first days with the installation and connection. And the second option is $ 500, for the whole package, plus full support for the first two or three months, installation, configuration, compilation of new currencies, and other any kind of help, until that period is fully comfortable with yourself.
If anyone is interested, let me be glad to help. I can reply to skype or e-mail