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Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

Camo, I've spent considerably more time than I would have liked to trying to understand your point. Are you for or against voting, and what do you mean about the blockchain? Thanks.
Did you assume this comment was posted while sober? Lol. Go back 10 pages and read Camosoul's posts.
100% of the block reward goes to people who made a contribution to the function of the coin. MNs and Miners. I agree that Devs are left out of that, and they deserve something. But we're basically going to mine 40% into their "escrow" no matter if there's a job for them to do or not? No matter the exchange rate? When I decide not to fund a kickstarter project, guess what; kickstarter doesn't just take my money anyway... That's what government does. That's a tax forced upon you whether you like it or not. The money is taken by force and even if there's no need, they make some shit up to waste it on... Why bother voting no "on" a proposal if the funds are gone anyway? May as well vote yes cuz you're paying either way...

Most of your concerns are answered by the 10 bullets I proposed.

The above is answered by the bullet 6 (dynamically vote the hardcoded 10%) and the bullet 7.

I challenge everyone to argue for a problem of the budget system that cannot be solved when shot by one or more of my 10 bullets.
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Blockchain technology is out with another innovative tool to deliver credible and proof-worthy e-voting platform using transparent crypto-algorithms for voter anonymity, with easy and swift deployment on PC and mobile device. A startup came up with this type of voting system in a bid to lessen voter disenfranchisement, insecurity and foster reliability of results after voting processes.