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Restart on crash with dashcentral-updater doesn't work


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I've setup dashcentral-updater on my MN and reporting is working fine, but 'auto masternode restart on crash' seems to be not working.
The manual test always fails with 'POSSIBLE PROBLEM - No running DASH daemon process has been detected' and then 'Error: Cannot obtain a lock on data directory...', because dashd was already running but not detected by dc-updater.

Any ideas why dc-updater doesn't detect my dashd process?
- Please make sure your dashd process runs as the same user as dcupdater.
- Please stop your current dashd process and run the test command again
Strange, I've just used the same test command with the same user as yesterday and now the restart was working fine.
I'm glad it's working now :)

e: I've rebooted my server between the two attempts, maybe the reboot fixed it. dashd shutdown is also a lot quicker now.
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I have one MN on dashcentral whose votes doesn't seem to register. I recently moved it to new VPS so I believe thats where the problem lies. The masternode privatekey is correct though, which is the one I vote with correct? Do I need to wait until first payment until I can vote?