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Radio+1 is inviting to collaboration to promote DASH worldwide

Alexey Danilin

Active member
Good afternoon, community! Radio+1 support team is here!

Let's cooperate! We invite informational portals, speakers, DASH partners, to create a common information background, record interviews on air and work in partnership. We will be glad for your feedback, reposts, comments! Support a real revolution in the world of online media. Radio+1. Here is our project description:

42 people will work for you in different languages - professional journalists, editors, leading and technical specialists with many years of experience in federal and regional media in Russia and the world, as well as starting from scratch an information and entertainment radio stations and drive them to the TOP with a million audience.

What do you get at your disposal:
• A 24/7 powerful tool for promoting DASH
• Millions of new supporters and users of the DASH payment system.
• Website for getting up-to-date information, discussions, consultations;
• Information site with news of FinTech, analytical articles, audio and video podcasts.
• Convenient mobile app of the project.

We had asked a funding at DashCentral and we would be thankful Masternodes owners to vote YES for our active proposal!

You can also manually vote on our proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):
gobject vote-many 9b5dbddb01fd7ce12aa6ae9dba3d6d4ac355d38306f8cf3fd6f5b4e3e592ebf0 funding yes