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Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

Would you support this proposal?

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I've been in the Dash community since Darkcoin times, and the project made me fall in love (fan-love).

In the first stage I have been in the community more that observer and as I had more free time I have been more active which can be checked by looking at the history of my alias over the Internet.

I have managed to delegate some tasks and matters of my life, and having a little more free time this has allowed me to make the decision that during the year 2018 I will be more actively involved in Dash. With different field activities (face to face).

I will start with 2 conference/meeting, and I will request funds from the treasury to explain the following concepts to the public:

Dash - The digital money of the 21st century

Dash – El dinero digital del S. XXI

  • Explain cryptocurrencies, their evolution and blockchain technology.

  • As the Dash cryptocurrency can help in B2B and B2C sectors in national and international payments as a decentralized FinTech entity. ( I will focus on explaining that Dash is a better tool than PayPal)
  • That people experiment with tokens so that people become aware of their value. (practical experience of using Dash in payment)
  • Make a lunch and deliver merchandising so that the Dash brand is visible through the streets of the cities.

The conference will be in Spain, in the area of Castilla y León, (a region) that is my area of influence. I have been invited to give these conferences, in 2 entrepreneurship and business creation centers, through local blockchain communities. (Valladolid and León cities)

The conference will be covered by local media (radio, newspapers, TV). (I have friends in this media.) So you may have to do interviews with the press, with a greater positive media impact.

Reports of photos and videos will be made.

Castilla y León - Spain

Valladolid & León – Castilla y León - Spain


The first conference will be in the city of Valladolid, capital of the region !!


Valladolid is a Spanish city with 300,000 habitants where are the seat of the government of the entire region of Castilla y León, is the most populated city in the whole area of northwestern Spain.

The second meeting would be in the city of León


León is a Spanish city with 130,000 habitants, it is the second most populated city in the region of Castilla y Léon. It is a city with a high index of technological focus, in it is the headquarters of the:

INCIBE (The National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain)



These conferences would be of the first talks that occur in Spain, about Dash. The only reference of meeting I have is Fernando (Dash Core Team) in Valencia, another region far away.

According to the statistics of visits of the Dash site, Spain is in the ranking 17 it is necessary that Dash is better known in Spain, to make synergies with Latin America and Africa.


Dash would begin to have more presence in Spain, a country of the European Union, which is linked to all Latin-America by its language.


Spain has a large community of Latin American and African immigrants. It is estimated that the population of immigrants is the 5% the habitants of Spain.



The treasury of Dash is making great efforts in Venezuela, (country with Spanish language) and Africa (a whole continent). The expansion of Dash in Spain, can allow to make synergies between the habitants of these geographical areas with their compatriots in Spain with to use the sending of remittances through Dash.


That the people who attend the conference can see an active member of the Dash community (I consider myself) explaining the project and answering the questions that arise.

In addition to acting as an intermediary between Dash and possible B2B, B2C projects that may arise from the conferences, with the business expansion area of Dash Core.


For all this, I wanted to know, the opinion of the MN operator community before launching the proposal. I expect opinions, suggestions and feedback.

At the moment I have not put financial costs in this pre-proposal since we are in the process of calculating the expenses, which I will update in the thread, but an estimate may be similar to those of Venezuela. So that people have an idea. But Spain is a Euro zone and the costs are more expensive.

Thank you very much for your time in reading me.

@blockchaintech -- Thanks for your pre-proposal. I think your proposal is a good idea, and especially with the recent push in Spanish-speaking countries, there are a lot of resources available for such projects. In my reading of geopolitics, I understand that Spain--like many nations--has seen a lot of socio-economic turmoil, and could benefit greatly from efforts like Dash. What I might recommend in moving forward with finalizing your pre-proposal is studying the other recent successful conference-based proposals in Latin-American countries. Obviously the costs may be different depending on the relative cost of living, but they might give you some ideas on what it will take to put together, how and where to host them, who to target, how to advertise, etc. They might also already have some fliers/designs already made up for Spanish-speaking audiences, which could give you a head start on some of the work you would otherwise have to do (and we would otherwise have to fund). Talking to and working with these other successful proposal owners is a great step and will definitely earn you favor in the eyes of MNOs. When you have a better idea about the specifics of your proposal, I'd be more than happy to review them, but so far so good!
Thanks for your feedback, I have a lot of experience in conferences / meeting since I have taught several in my academic stage. For blockchain technology and bitcoin I have also taught in 2016.

As I mentioned in the proposal I have been invited, and I have accepted. In addition, we have an advantage and that is that I can give a great projection to Dash because I have journalists friends who would cover it,
if you look at the map of the region of Castilla y León you will understand it.

To reduce costs I have unified the budget of the 2 conferences in a request to the treasury since in advertising and merchandising we would save some budget.

I am already in contact with the proposals of Venezuela. :)

Thank you so much
Yes, I believe that this type of proposal is effective in spreading and publicizing Dash and the power of cryptocurrencies around the world. Education is the first need for us and I mean the community, since people understand how Dash works and see its potential, adoption and use will be a thing of time. We have a similar project in Guayana, Venezuela, maybe you want to review it. For everything you need, count on our support.

the idea is great only i not understand why if you are invited have to ask for treasury funds. I guess you have to explain a little bit more in detail waht you will particular tech or say at this conferneces. I look forward to a anwser.
the idea is great only i not understand why if you are invited have to ask for treasury funds. I guess you have to explain a little bit more in detail waht you will particular tech or say at this conferneces. I look forward to a anwser.

They invited me (my person) and I thought:

a) Consult in a pre-proposal, to know if the DAO (MN operators) and other members of the community find it interesting to convert that invitation into an opportunity to expand Dash, educationally, and negotiated in a virgin area of Europe , Spain, with the synergies that can be given to the Latin community.

b) If it seems interesting to make that invitation two professional event, and of an important magnitude in the region of Castilla y León (through my network of contacts)

I would have to travel to those cities, and organize my personal life to dedicate time to prepare the events in a professional manner and show Dash as a decentralized FinTech project and the business opportunities it can provide in B2B and cross border remittances.

Keep in mind that this region is an export region of products and the objective would be through an event to contact companies that export these products so that they can use the Dash network as a FinTech solution.
Many people who know me want to do it but are afraid of the new. A professional event with a professional image would help.

Thanks for your questions.
Great proposal and needed.

In Venezuela, the remittances' market has an important origin in Spain. I have told many friends to send their remittances in DASH but they don't know it

YES, it is necessary that a country like Spain promotes adoption, because that will be reversed in LATAM

Great proposal and needed.

In Venezuela, the remittances' market has an important origin in Spain. I have told many friends to send their remittances in DASH but they don't know it

YES, it is necessary that a country like Spain promotes adoption, because that will be reversed in LATAM

1000% agree jesccs. and it will be more helpful witth ATM's waht can be used for remittances KYC as well POS systems. This is my point. The house have to build with a fondation not with the roof first.
Dear @blockchaintech ,

Do you have or plan to have all informations need for company in your country about legal thing ?
Adoption by commerce is always easyer with legal thing already know.

Easy yes.

Interesting question.

Of course!

I explain to you:
Since 2015 the European Union said that cryptocurrencies are a means of legal payment, therefore in Spain using p2p payment services is legal.


On the other hand, in 2015, the Spanish governmental agency AEAT (IRS in USA) applied for the same decision.


Currently in the EU and Spain is developing a legislation to regulate favorably its use as payment method technologies (decentralized FinTech).

But, the companies do not know these new payment technologies, and if they are not taught in a very delicate way (face to face) they distrust and fear them.
They know Paypal, and they know it's very expensive, and there we have the opportunity to open Dash (as decentralized FinTech) to B2C and B2B.

People put the focus on speculation, but with Dash technology we can send a container of good Spanish wine to Poland and be assured that the payment can not be reversed. That gives a lot of security in B2B on-line but the companies do not know the technology or the ways of doing it.

Thanks for your question
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We are working on the design of merchandising and advertising products.
I show you some examples.
We focus on the maximum visibility of the domain url.
Why? Simple, with Dash, people are going to look for .com domains and the domain is .org (marketing technique)



We know the rebranding of the image !! Remember, these are some samples.
I think that the locations are perfect and that the practical way you are going to carry out the meetings (focusing on comparisons with incumbent services like Paypal) is an excellent idea.

Good luck with your conferences!
Hello @blockchaintech I believe this is a great idea, I believe you wont have problems to get it passed unless is to expensive. I recommend you to start doing meetups so you can meet people interested in Dash in Spain. You should start to compile info on Spanish to give it to the merchants and foundations you will meet at the conferences. Always when people meet Dash they will want more! greetings from Venezuela.
hi am CEO of startup bitcorpve.com i want to help you to spread this in more zones ein spain and conect it with latinamerica with another project we have
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