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Proposal: Dash to Sponsor the Fifth Annual Jackalope Freedom Festival


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Hello Dash Network,
I am Alma Sommer, founding mother of the Jackalope Freedom Festival, and mother of the Undocumented Human Neo.
The fifth annual Jackalope Freedom Festival is Aug 1-8th 2016. Where spontaneous order happens naturally, without any force, coercion or aggression. Jackalope is free to camp, vend and attend. There is no group or organization in charge of Jackalope. Individuals bring and support their idea of a market, which continues to grow and change every year. Many of the attendees accept alternative currencies, gold, silver, Bitcoin, Dash, and others as well. Although there is no registration or census report, we are preparing for near 500 Jackalopes to attend this year. We assume these numbers from last years portapotty "contributions". This is a family friendly non-event and there is a Jackalope Hunt for the kids, the winner gets a real rabbit!

I would love to promote Dash at Jackalope in the right way, so here is my proposal.

Dash to sponsor Jackalope Freedom Festival 2016.
Value 350 Dash Approx $3000

1. Dash gets to name the stage, includes backdrop behind speaker area with Dash Logo.
2. Dash Portapotties. Includes Dash Advertisement hung outside 3 Porta potties.
3. Dash banner ad on www.jackalopefreedomfestival.com
4. Dash ATV. We will brand our ATV with Dash logos. Dash ATV will be driven around Jackalope.
5. Hand out literature. Dash literature to be available from the Agorist Marketplace table at Jackalope.
6. John Bush and other Crypto experts to host a Dash workshop.
7. The Dash Mobile. We will brand the Winnebago the Dash Mobile. Includes logos of Dash choice on sides/windows/front/back. Includes branding for upcoming Crypto Caravan. We will make announcement at Jackalope.

In 2012 I created www.agoristmarketplace.com It is a place where individuals and businesses that accept alternative currencies can connect with each other at no cost. While attending porcfest in 2011 the same year I learned about crypto currencies, I came up with the idea for Jackalope. Jackalope manifested the very next year, and has become a great environment for people to exchange goods and services with alternative currencies. I spoke about crypto currencies at the Texas Bitcoin Conference and the Bitcoin Summit in Phoenix, on our last Undocumented Human Bitcoin tour. We are currently on an Undocumented Human Crypto Tour that ends at Jackalope. However we plan to meet up with the crypto caravan that is already in the works.

Through this proposal, our goal is to educate the people of Jackalope about Dash and its unique opportunities it offers the individual.

I would like to get some feedback before I post this proposal.
Thanks for your time.

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Sorry I dont think putting the Dash logo on every vehicle and object you can find on the camp ground is worth $3000 USD.

I think we need a more targeted and personal approach in advertising.
Good idea, but price doesn't look attractive.
3000 USD for 500 visitors... About 1 DASH to cover each adult person... too much. :(

I am comparing with Amanda's "Dash Detailed show": 1000 USD/month for many-many thousands of visitors.
This is a week long event, there will be many activists taking videos of the event, so the more Dash marketing the better. Every video of every speaker on stage will have the Dash Backdrop behind their heads. Also there may be more then 500 people. There could be over 1000 during the entire event.

To clarify, the ATV will have stickers, but the Winnebago, will be completely rebranded with paint and logos of Dash choice. We are in progress of a crypto caravan which will continue traveling to other crypto events.

The Dash mobile will remain the Dash mobile for a certain amount of time.

Also our family installs off grid solar projects for people going off grid. We live off grid and travel all over for work, when we aren't touring.

Here is some perspective.

Adam Kokesh
John Bush
Cat Bliesh
Ernest Hancock
Davi Barker
Derrick Broze

Are just a few people that will be on stage doing presentations. All these activists will be filmed and put on YouTube for all to see and learn about Dash.
Adam Kokesh
Oh, the guy who pussed out on the DC Open Carry march specifically because he surpassed his "gonna do it" enrollment threshold?

Not that this reflects on your proposal... Or does it?

I see a lot of negativity towards your proposal in this thread compared to other proposals of equal or lesser usefulness [and just plain retarded] getting all kinds of upvotes... I wonder if there's an unspoken reason why so many socialists hate this proposal, but like others that clearly suck...
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These are just names of individuals attending that the Dash Network may have heard of. No individual represents Jackalope. Nor is any speaker or attendee paid to come. This is just a list of known people attending this year.
If anyone has a better marketing proposal that would best educate the people of Jackalope about Dash, I'm open to hearing suggestions. I have attended this event the last four years, so I can answer any questions. Anyone can market at Jackalope. This proposal is just my suggestion.
I would love it if more Dash members/developers presented at Jackalope with tables and on stage. Of course in addition to what I'm offering, this would make the event truly amazing! To accomplish this proposal it will take approx 3 weeks of my time.
Hi, all.

I think this proposal is a good idea. It may be a bit on the spendy side, but I've seen much more ridiculously expensive proposals get passed with flying colors.

Here is why I think it is a good idea: agorist-slanting libertarians have been *major* first movers in cryptocurrency -- major drivers of adoption. I experienced this first-hand when I lived in New Hampshire, where the Bitcoin adoption among "Free Staters" I knew was almost too high to be believed (documented in this video and this video).

It was in that same crowd that I first met Alma. I invited her to speak on Bitcoin with me (about 2 years ago) at a New Hampshire's Liberty Forum (documented by Upstart Biz Journal here). She fell ill and was not able to attend, but I was able to spend time with her and come to know that she is legit. I even wrote about her unbanked baby Neo for CoinTelegraph about a year later.

The branding of the van, which they may well take to other events, is a fantastic idea -- and unlike John Bush's proposal (which passed), it won't be a van with Dash AND Bitcoin AND Ethereum on it. It will be just Dash.

And also like Alma says, Dash's logo will be in the background for all the speeches by "celebertarians" filmed on the stage. These will continue to get views on YouTube well after the festival has ended.

So many libertarians thought Bitcoin had come to save them forever, and now they're a bit confused and wandering with its problems coming to light (or worse, they don't even know about its problems because they're just keeping their BTC in cold storage for "retirement savings"). Pointing them in a new and better direction -- the direction they *thought* Bitcoin was going to go -- will likely be profitable for us.

I'd encourage y'all to vote yes on this proposal. Thanks.
I would love it if more Dash members/developers presented at Jackalope with tables and on stage. Of course in addition to what I'm offering, this would make the event truly amazing! To accomplish this proposal it will take approx 3 weeks of my time.
In three weeks won't the festival be over?
I updated the proposal with cost Analysis.
thanks, i still think it's a bit pricey but yeah ok i'm in!
i think adoption is one of our main problems and this should help.

"3. Dash banner ad on www.jackalopefreedomfestival.com
One year of advertisement Cost:$1200 Value:$1200"
it would be cool if this (or something) could be cut down too $1000 and give/instantsend .25+ dash to the first 50+ people who install a dash wallet on their smartphone etc.
We will announce the continuation of our crypto tour at Jackalope in a week, Jackalope is a week long, and the following week will be spent branding the Winnebago as the Dash Mobile.
Thanks for that clarification... What model Winnebago and are there photos somewhere? And how do you plan to finalize design for it?
Hi, Alma

As an idea-advice to make this proposal more attractive, Maybe you can record a short video about this proposal, so people could see:
1. It is not just some new-registered anonymous forum nickname UndocumentedHuman looking for money, but real Alma.
2. You are real and energetic - so can present Dash properly. :)

Of course It is not necessary - just my idea how to help this proposal to get more "YES"s.
Thanks for that clarification... What model Winnebago and are there photos somewhere? And how do you plan to finalize design for it?

We live in an '86 Elandan
I have agreed to a solid color with logos on sides front and back.