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Proposal: DASH Diamond Sponsorship of Tallinn Blockchain conference 4-5 December '17

Do you support to sponsor this event?

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters



What conference?

In the beginning of December, Tallinn will host the largest conference in Northern Europe: Moontec17 , devoted to blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries.

Communication with the event organiser has resulted with an understanding about the options for sponsoring. We've come to terms in price and wish to see Dash attending Moontec17 as a General sponsor, considered as a core-organiser
What's the reward (ROI) of becoming a Diamond Sponsor

  • XL company logo on website
  • Branded 12m2 booth (DASH giveaway booth 0.01 per face)
  • Large logo on presswall
  • Logo on video screens
  • Logo in promo emails
  • Branded badges & lanyards
  • 2 items in gift bag
  • 2-page ad in guide
  • Social media promotion
  • Mentions in press releases
  • 5 VIP Tickets, 5 Premium Tickets
- 4 DASH for booth giveaway
- 5 DASH for proposal fee
- 3 DASH team salary

Total Investment: 47.4 DASH

Estonia, Tallinn- Interest in blockchain in this country has never been higher.
Dear Community,

We, as a team, would like to thank you all for your kind votes for funding our first proposal!

Under this proposal post, we will start posting project updates as a proof of work.

Some good and some great news from a productive meeting with the event organizers:
To confirm once more, they really liked the idea of having a DASH giveaway at the event! To introduce and immediately put the information (with the ease of use) into use on the spot. As a result, DASH has been offered a speaking spot on the 2nd-day prime time for 30 minutes to talk about DASH. The second day of the conference (5th of Dec) will focus on Cryptocurrencies, ICO's, Investments & Marketing. What else could we ask for? :)

Right then and there it was also confirmed that if we bring a DASH core team member from Europe to come and talk, the event will cover his/her transportation cost.
From our side, a 4-star hotel from the 3rd till the 5’th is already booked. We would be honored to welcome one of the Core team members to Estonia, providing a memorable stay throughout.

Dear community, 30% of the 2-day conference will be for developers, other 70% for business. We were asked to confirm the speaker in 2 days time.
Thank you for the opportunity once more, now let’s get to work!

Keiu, Siim, Mihkel and Romet
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Dear community,

Now that the video is ready we would like to share a brief overview of the sponsored event.

The whole event went flawlessly and the guests that didn’t know Dash were very surprised about the network infrastructure innovations and the ones who knew were pleased to see the Dash presence. And here are some stats:

1000 + people attended
230 new wallets created

In conclusion, the whole event exceeded our own expectations and we are very grateful for the opportunity to have represented Dash.
If there is something we forgot to mention about the proposal then ask and we would be more than happy to find the answers.




Keiu, Romet, Mihkel & Siim