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PrivateSend (Introduction and Guide)


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Welcome to the PrivateSend Documentation!

PrivateSend was rebranded from DarkSend in May 2016. This documentation describes how to use Dash Core to run PrivateSend mixing to anonymize your Dash.

PrivateSend is completely trustless, meaning that no third parties ever have control or access to your funds at any time. It is not possible to lose your Dash through PrivateSend mixing. Nevertheless, this is experimental software, so use it at your own risk!

By using this software you agree to not use it for illegal purposes and not to hold us responsible for any lost Dash.
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hI!I'm newbie here and trying to figure out hot it works.. it this post about regulations here?

not at all !
why don't you read the OP again, really not that heard to understand ; )
"PrivateSend (Introduction and Guide)" ;)