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Price Discussion Thread

It would be funny for DASH to be valued in CNY over $ or £
See if the volume picks up on Bter :)

Poloniex DASH/BTC 0.00710001 BTC 154.871
Cryptsy DASH/BTC 0.00709580 BTC 46.169
Bittrex DASH/BTC 0.00722860 BTC 22.988
Cryptsy DASH/LTC 0.69473031 LTC 3.559
Bter DASH/BTC 0.00710000 BTC 3.079
Bter DASH/CNY 14.1100 CNY 1.684
So DASH/CNY increasing too
Poloniex DASH/BTC 0.00685003 BTC 131.524
Bittrex DASH/BTC 0.00693144 BTC 30.117
Cryptsy DASH/BTC 0.00691826 BTC 25.617
Cryptsy DASH/LTC 0.68844875 LTC 2.834
Bter DASH/CNY 14.1100 CNY 2.445
I think there is a heck of a lot of money sitting on the bitcoin sideline right now and when it enters there will be a lot of money that can potentially shift into dash. I for one had been sitting on the bitcoin sideline for sometime now, as soon as I got back into the market I went straight for some dash. The disparity between dash's marketcap and litecoin is unjustifiable. Will be interesting to see what the other people on the sideline do.
Good call. Lets see if it happens. Dash at 6 or 7, doesn't really matter to me.
I'd thought it'd be a likely move before sleep and come morning it was already happening so I thought I'd better mention it. I hope some folks got to dump that trash at a better rate, I'm practically certain it was hyped as a means of squeezing some BTC into already deep pockets and imho that's sick considering doges demographic.
So 10BTC today on BTER CNY market. I am curious if the volume will pick up there? Would be funny for DASH price to be valued in CNY :) but also amazing!

Bter DASH/CNY 17.3000 CNY 10.056
I am going to make a call with Dash and Bitcoin for laughs, you can ridicule me after wards :wink:
current Dash price =$2.54, bitcoin = $327.

1 month prediction on December 1st, for Dash = $2.15 (down 15% in btc dollars) and Dash=0.0087 btc so up 10% Dash/bitcoin ratio.
bitcoin = $245 (down 25%)

The price of bitcoin has hit a ceiling, huobi = $354 dollars and bitfinex = $336, the relative strength indicator hit 86 (rare event).
Bitcoin will correct and this will take the Dash dollar price back down unless the btc ratio rises by a similar amount.

Since I tend to buy my Dash with cash, I'm happy as a clam with price :).

My browser says "Current Dash Price is $0.00" LOL

Did we used to pull info off of Bitfinex? I don't recall the price ticker being broken?
We must be doing something wrong with the big alts like Litecoin,Doge, Ripple and Peercoin holding their own against Bitcoin while we drop. To be fair, it looks like someone dumped over 3000 coins to get BTC and ride the wave (if it continues up) but WTH?

Of course now we're climbing back up, but we dropped an entire 1/100 of a BTC in like 1/2 an hour! So frustrating to see!
There is potentially a nice margin play if you exchange some dash for dollars and hope bitcoin goes down ..