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Pre-proposal: Protecting the Network Against Flood Attack

When the nodes accept a cheap transaction that is mostly paid by the inflation, not the fees. Then, every holder of the coin is paying the cost generated by the user of that cheap transaction. It's not fair, even if that transaction is valid. Therefore, I think it is necessary to filter cheap transactions.

The acceptance of the transactions of the attacker would clear his transactions from the memory pool. The following block would take the cheaper transactions. It's the opposite behavior of the Bitcoin where the transactions of the attacker are the cheaper ones and never get executed.
I've made some changes to the document according to the feedback.

1) Changed the title: "Protecting the Network Against Large Blocks".
2) Explanation: "The block size will vary between the minimum and the maximum capacity of the network...".
3) Explanation: "The enemy can buy just a small amount of coins to broadcast a massive amount of transactions..."

The link is updated.

The DIP001 had been first a proposal approved by the vote before being transformed into a DIP. I think the core team should not even consider to implement such a change that is not approved by the masternodes. I will not do anything for a while. Let me improve the communication according to the feedback.

Many MNOs are not technical enough to understand the implications of this. I think, first, this should be peer reviewed by core. I'm sure they will help.