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Pre-Proposal: Primetime TV Fox Sports Sponsorship - 40 Million Reach

Can Dash Afford this?

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    Votes: 5 62.5%
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Due to the outstanding success of the Rory MacDonald sponsorship and the millions of positive impressions generated for Dash, Instantkarmafund has been approached to present a sponsorship opportunity for Dash to be the main sponsor of the 10th Annual World MMA Awards - a red carpet event with all industry VIPs, presented by Fox Sports with TV, radio and digital advertising with reach to 40 million people in the ideal crypto demographic.

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_MMA_Awards#The_Charles_‘Mask’_Lewis_Fighter_of_the_Year

Sample coverage of last year's event:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zuvwsbu6yin8es/9th Annual MMA Awards.mp4?dl=0

This year will be even higher quality due to the Fox Sports partnership.

Dash is quickly becoming the official cryptocurrency of sporting events with the networking and relationships built by previous MMA sponsorships, Chael Sonnen, FanDuel and now this massive opportunity to present Dash as a major top-tier cryptocurrency to the masses - as it should be.

The goal of this sponsorship is to make Dash - Digital Cash a household name by having ubiquitous Dash branding, by showing how fast it works while presenting an award on TV and creating TV-quality commercials that can be re-used for the Superbowl, if Dash elects to.

As part of the sponsorship, I (or a rep chosen by Dash) would be able to present the premier award of the night: Athlete of the Year.
Here is my way to get Dash into the TV program:
-Get all nominees of the Athlete of the Year award to download the Dash wallet beforehand and show them how to use it.
-While presenting the award, the cameras picture in picture shows the faces of all nominees
-Go to open the envelope - no name, just a QR code
-I read the text and it says to
"Send Dash to this address. The winner will be obvious."
"Oh ok let me open my app and I'll Dash the winner. If you're nominated. I suggest you do the same."
- Scan. Boom. Winner jumps up.
Crowd roars. Winner accepts award at Dash-branded podium.

I have this skit approved by Fox Sports.

Here is the complete sponsorship breakdown:

· Reach: 40 Million (TV, Radio, Digital)

· TV: Fox Sports

· Presenting Title for Four (4) Main Awards. i.e. athlete of the year presented by Dash.

· A representative of Dash of your choice can present an award and even wear Dash apparel. You can present this or someone else you think would be interested too.

· Your logo will be on the video package, the broadcast lower thirds and on the podium for all of your sponsored awards.


Above: Dana White shown accepting his award.

· You'll get each broadcast video clip to use for marketing / bragging rights.

· 4 Intro & Outro bumpers - This would be in-show reads where you can list specific promotions / websites. This could also be used for your QR donation idea too.


Above: Podium sponsorship graphic with "lower third" video roll playout.

· Commercials: Three (3) 30 second commercial space each time the show airs.

· The show will run approx 16 times within an 8 week period.

· Step-and-Repeat Signage. We'll give you images with athletes / celebrities on the red carpet with your logo.

· Full page ad in event program

· Pre/Post Events: You'll have access to pre and post events. You can also have branding, signage, literature, etc. at the Wounded Warrior pre-show event.

· VIP Fan Experience: Creating a contest for your customers (or potential new customers) to win a VIP experience to the award show, pre/post events, etc. We will create a video recap of the VIP experience that you can use for your own marketing efforts.

· Link on voting site to promote Dash or specific offers (approx 700K voters)

· 1 Custom email to all voters promoting Dash (approx 700K)

· 1 motivational / inspiring story featuring an athlete (branded by you). This would be in promotion of the awards show and you can use for your own marketing materials.

· 2 short promo videos including product placement.

· 2 facebook live takovers on Fighters Only. This could be your team talking about your partnership with Rory, announcement of the MMA Awards Partnership, Dash rep talking about why he's excited to present the athlete of the year, etc.

· VIP gift bags - You can put literature in each bag whether you're looking to partner with athletes or include a specific promotion.

· Category Exclusivity


Here are some ideas for the TV Ads

Advertisement #1: Dash for Remittance (funny/informative)

Kid - "Dad"

Dad - "Yes Son"

Kid - "I know you work at the bank"

Dad - "Yes, big banks for the little people"

Kid - "Well, I have Dash now & I'm my own Bank"

Dad Smashes glass in hand.....

Kid - "It's ok Dad, I'm now in control of my own money"

Dad turns around from chair in to screenshot - (Looks like Mr Monopoly Banker with top hat!) Dad - "Nooooo!"

Advertisement #2: "Just another Dash Ad" (funny/informative)

Shows every use-case for Dash - not just another cryptocurrency.

One protagonist interjecting in each scene - a la Tide ad from the superbowl.

Scene 1: stuffy financial advisor recommending mutual funds with 4% returns to young couple and protagonist interjects - asks "is DASH included in that mutual fund?" Financial advisor has confused look on his face. (promotes store of value)

Scene 2: South American immigrant walks in to check-cashing store to send remittance to his family and protagonist interjects while standing in long line - says "use Dash, you don't have to line up, it's instant and it costs less than a penny" (promotes worldwide medium of exchange)

Scene 3: Rich eccentric with shorts fetish buying a pair of used shorts from an MMA celebrity on craigslist type of site online. Sends kid to pick up the shorts and uses privatesend from home to obscure identity. (promotes privacy feature)

Advertisement #3:

“The Race”

In this ad, we mimic the Top Gear races that they used to have.

The plot:

DashRacer jet vs. Lambo with Charlie impersonator wearing “SODL” shirt vs. kid on bicycle

Location: rented air strip.

All trying to get a million dollars to the end of the runway the fastest.

You can imagine the trash talk.

Dashracer: “Nice shirt, Charlie”

Charlie: Thanks. I’m rich AF. You still hodl? Silly man HAHA.

You got no chance kid!

Dashracer: *looks suspiciously at kid*

Kid: *pulls out phone* Hey Evan, you ready? InstantSend it.



Girl with starting line gun

Dashracer flying in cockpit POV approaching startline on runway

Charlie revving the lambo grimacing and gripping the wheel

Kid with bicycle opens Dash wallet with balance of $1,000,000

Race starts. Dashracer beat the lambo by a mile.

Goes to collect his prize. Looks around – nobody there. Looks back -

Kid with bicycle is being picked up by a limo at the starting line.



Instant. Private. Secure.




Obviously this is a massive opportunity that must be treated seriously.

The catch is that we must seek approval this month to get things completed for April 26 air date.

The media company handling the event will work with Instantkarmafund to get the ads cut and produced.

Working on the budget but expecting around 1,500 Dash to pull this off, depending on the ads we choose to do.

Ad #3 is the big Superbowl type ad which would require the biggest budget.

Would you support it?
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Wants a Dash Sports News; a sports focused version of Dash Force News. Broad sports coverage that will also fund local sporting initiatives. So that we don't have to deal with these sports sponsorships one at a time.
Sounds great - #3 for sure :D Go big or go home.

Where does the 1500 dash budget come from, a breakdown would be handy :)
Tell me more....

And the (approximate) ask price also gets the commercials written/shot/edited/etc.?
After discussions about a superbowl commercial spot... I went ahead and requested a 30s script be created from my team in NYC. :rolleyes:

I don't like to put things off and I figured it would be useful eventually.

Nate now has the script.
Tell me more....

And the (approximate) ask price also gets the commercials written/shot/edited/etc.?

Yes this is the whole package including the commercial's production and cut ready for deployment to TV at any time.

Sounds great - #3 for sure :D Go big or go home.

Where does the 1500 dash budget come from, a breakdown would be handy :)

Hi @Stealth923 Yes I will get a breakdown for the proposal.
Getting quotes and budget for all of this together.
Just gauging interest on whether this is something the community wants.