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Pre-Proposal Max Keiser Stephen Baldwin Across America Road Tour TV Sponsorship

Mark Mason

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Attention - I intend to submit a proposal in the the next 24-48 hours.

I'm still finalising details of sponsorship so some information may change before submission. I appreciate it is a very last minute submission with only 9 days left to vote. Due to the nature of proposal I felt it is worth going throught the right channels out of respect for the proposal process and to give community a chance to give feedback before submission even though time is short.

With the recent price rise in Dash increasing the available treasury budget. It feels now would be the optimal time to pursue this.

I will notify and update the details here once I have the final price in the next 24 hours. I'm currently in direct discussions with the production company, Max and Stacy.

I've also consulted and will be submitting this proposal with a member of the Dash Core team.

Please make sure you watch the video first before reading the details as the video outlines the nature of road trip.

Money Requested: $500,000

Help Stephen and Max to "DASH" across America.

Info about series:

RT/Max Keiser + Stephen Baldwin are doing 16 episodes of a new road-trip show traveling America's heartland. We would like DASH to sponsor and fund this trip in return for product placement + on-air and in digital.

RT Network is an English-language Russian international television network, that is available in over 100 different countries, with an audience reach of 700 million, including 85 million in the United States.

What do Dash get for the proposal?
ii— Dash receives product integration that lives on thru syndication
a. Dash is not buying a 30 second spot that dies after a rotation.
-this stays with the show wherever it goes, whenever it goes.

1. Dash - Digital Cash wrap branding on RV.
2. Stephen & Max will mention Dash plus wear Dash branded merchandise on any show / live events to promote tour provided such event or show does not prohibit wearing of logos / brands.
3. We will mention Dash in any press release work we do for example - Hollywood trades, Variety, HR, Deadline etc.
http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/ste...the-gap-great-american-pilgrimage-1202489042/ ... ...
4. Stephen will mention Dash on any Jimmy Fallon like show he goes on and even wear a DASH logo t-shirt.
5. Dash logo branding featured on all episodes.
6. We'll interview Ryan Taylor or any Core team member of your choice as a guest on one of the episodes.
7. We will work to integrate Dash as much as possible throughout the tour with Dash giveaways etc. I can't reveal details of giveaway due to agreements with tour production company. However I can assure it will show Dash is a very positive light and hopefully draw lots of media attention outside of tour itself ;-)

Why should masternode owners vote for this proposal?
We can help Dash attract mainstream attention using our outreach and following to showcase Dash to a large international audience.

1. Episodes will be shown on RT TV network - RT reaches over 700 million globally.
2. Episodes will be uploaded to RT YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers with over 4 billion views.
3. We will use our social media profiles to promote to Dash. eg. Daily photos of RV with Dash branding, Dash status tweets, pics etc.

We have a large International following which we will use to full capacity:
Max Keiser - Facebook = 66.7K Twitter = 166K
Keiser Report - Facebook = 40.4K Twitter = 59.6K
Stacy Herbert - Facebook = 7.3K Twitter = 68.6K
Stephen Baldwin - Twitter = 61.1K

Why $500,000?
We need to cover the travel expenses of the 16 city tour plus the cost of the filming and production crew. The road trip will take a month to record. We believe this is fantastic value for money. It's a big project to undertake and requires lots of planning. We want this to be as professional as possible. Having Dash as a sponsor will allow us to take the time to explore, understand and relay that information about Dash to our audience.

Is $500,000 good value?
I think we offer Dash fantastic value for money as if you compare what we're offering next to a one time spot TV commercial - According to Time, the 30-second commercials that ran during the 2011 Super Bowl cost an average of $3.5 million per spot. Popular television programs such as American Idol pull in approximately $475,000 per 30-second spot, according to AdWeek.

In terms of on screen-time and international outreach we offer much better value for money. Plus the Keiser Report team will be more incentivised and have more knowledge about Dash for future reference as well. As if we get funded and hold a stake in Dash, we will be more encouraged to see Dash succeed ;-)

Closing Comments:

If proposal is successful we aim to starting shooting production on September 11th.

We hope the Dash community will like and support our proposal. We really want to work with Dash on this and hope masternode owners will see the true value of proposal and vote YES.

If proposal passes I will be contacting Scott Farnsworth of Dash Areosports to discuss graphics for RV as I love the look of Dash Force One. Source: https://www.dashforcenews.com/dash-aerosports-debuts-dash-force-one-air-racer/

We are also open to any ideas the community has that perhaps we have not thought about. We want to make this happen.

Hopefully in the next few days I plan to post a video interiew with Max, Stephen or the head of the production company to go in to more details of proposal. I will upload video to the Dash Force News YouTube Channel so make sure you're subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/c/DashForceNews

Let's put Dash on the map people and raise Dash awareness on a global level and reach new audiences. This is also perfect timing to ramp up interest in Dash before Evolution is released.

I (Mark Mason) will be helping and assisting in any way I can in terms of co-ordinating Dash guests, graphics, branding, t-shirts etc.

I'm sure many of you will have questions. I'll try my best to answer. Right now at time of posting this I'm trying to sort out a few last minute agreements that will really help ellovate and raise Dash's profile and recognition in terms of main stream media attention ;-) That's all I can say for now.


This project has already secured funding to proceed from RT. At this time due to the partners involved we can't share the exact amount but suffice to say it's a larger number then the ask from Dash.

I felt this was important to share so that the MNO's know that they aren't the only body with skin in the game.

Once the proposal has passed a legal agreement will be signed between the production company receiving the funds and the company acting on behalf of the masternode network.

This proposal is being submitted by Coingun AKA Jeff Smith of Dash Core and Mark Mason of Dash Force.

We felt it was essential that we take ownership of this proposal so that we can help mitigate the risk of Dash being involved in this proposal.
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Once again I apologise it's last minute. I've been working around the clock to bring this to the Dash community. It's now 4 AM in the UK, so if I do not respond please forgive me. Thanks.

I forgot to mention if all goes well and proposal passes recording should begin on September 11th.
I was wondering why you've been so quiet lately!
Congrats on getting such a great proposal together - easy yes from me, assuming the cost isn't >$500k.

One suggestion:
Perhaps we could have Max do a "Dashvantage" segment on each episode, talking about the unique features of Dash?
First DAO, Treasury, Masternodes, importance of governance, InstantSend, PrivateSend, DashLabs, Swiss entity, Patents, Evolution (3 segments?), Dash Conference, POS, wallet apps, bitcart, etc.
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This sounds like super great exposure!
My only "wondering" would be what exactly the show is about and if the views they will share are aligned with what DASH stands for and wants to be affiliated with.
If I were a masternode owner I would want to know that, and I would also look into Stephen Baldwin and see if I'm aligned with his views and what he represents. It's great to have Dash mentioned on Jimmy Fallon, but it also matters in people's perception WHO mentions it. If it's highly likely that the majority of Dash's target group ("the average person") loves Stephen Baldwin (and Max Keiser) and trusts their judgment, then yay! :)
Max introduced me to crypto a long time ago so I'm very grateful to him.

There was an excellent Keiser report episode some time back with Max, Stephen Baldwin and Russell Brand all in the studio shooting the breeze. Very entertaining and very cool.
There was an excellent Keiser report episode some time back with Max, Stephen Baldwin and Russell Brand all in the studio shooting the breeze. Very entertaining and very cool.

Love Russell Brand! :) And I have to familiarize myself with Max Keiser a bit more.
But I think that was Alec Baldwin, not Stephen. Quite a difference ;)
Yes from me. Just a side note but how do I get the MN Owner thingy below my avatar/profile pic?