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Pre-Proposal Discussion: Amanda Johnson Full Time Dash Ambassador

Agree with BloehVPN. Amanda's show is great and I love to watch it just to have an overview of the entire cryptoland. I believe that other people who watch her show, watch it for similar reasons. If she focused only on Dash, she would lose all those viewers after all the audience interested in listening about Dash is much much smaller. With that being said, I think we could hire her to represent Dash during crypto/libertarian conferences. Evan is only one and he can do only so much, but having such pretty and outspoken representative could bring more interest from mostly male crypto community and add a lot value to the project.
Agree completely here. Amanda and Evan front footing the 'face' of Dash would be a win win for everyone. What do you say Amanda? Leave the DD as is and where another hat for DASH at conferences etc?
We need to decentralize EVERYTHING about Dash. We don't need 1 ambassdor, we need 5+ to START OFF WITH.

Stop running to centralization people!


I say we don't "hire" anyone yet but set out standards for what we are looking for and if people fit that quality spec and are passionate enough to NOT WORK FOR the current USD value of Dash, but instead the "value" they can get. We are undervaluing Dash, the Budget system AND our amazing Lead Dev.

He built something WAYYYY bigger than currency here people. He built a DAO. Meaning we never need just 1 person doing anything, ever again. There is no "core" team. There is a decentralized dev team and thats about it. That whole "core" team wording is confusing everyone imo! We need to constantly remind ourselves and the people around us, that bitcoin failed because its becoming more and more centralized, we CANNOT let this happen to Dash. We don't need ANY 3rd party companies, ever. We are every company, in one company, aka a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation/Organization. Aka Skynet. Did Skynet go hire a PR company? Don't think so.

But yes I agree, Juan would be IDEAL as far as 1 of our 5 starter Dash Ambassadors go.
I understand where you're coming from TheDashGuy, but with respect...I don't agree that we should not hire anyone, particularly in the 'immediate' term. We need people like Amanda to assist DASH to find the masses. Many a good product/service have gone by the way because good marketing was lacking. I also agree with JuanSGalt...Sponsoring shows, talkbacks would also be a good use of funds. DASH right now is a great product 'as it is', we desperately need to be upping its exposure and tell people just that. That to me means (in part) hiring/sponsoring people with 'celebrity' status. Nothing else would get the same return for your DASH (dollar) imho.