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Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

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Hello everyone. This Saturday (Jan, 20th) we were at the 4th Dash Caracas Conference, as you know we are allies (Dash Caracas and Dash Help).

We were providing support, responding questions and solving technical problems. It was a great experience, we helped approximately 200 people. The major problem we dealt with was the diversity of smartphone firmware versions, forcing people to download different wallets like Freewallet, Coinomi, Jaxx, etc. And creating confusion when people tried to buy goods and services using different wallets.

That didn´t stop us, and the day was a success!

(Check out some pics below)




After conference (Monday, Jan 22th) we had a meeting with Alexis Lugo (Coordinator of Technical Support of Dash Caracas). There we gave him our 1st feedback and official recommendation/statistics report. The brainstorming we had, the ideas that came up and mutual feedback was just amazing. We are sure we will achieve the mass adoption of Dash in Venezuela very soon.

We will submit our proposal on Feb 1st. We hope for your support!

Thanks for your time.

Dash Help Venezuela - We Love to Help

You can watch the Dash Caracas thread here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/pre-proposal-dash-conference-venezuela.15285/page-6
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Excellent initiative! We need more projects like this in Venezuela because the use of Dash has grown so much and we need supports in many things.
Hello Ezio, thanos for your words! If you want to work with us we are open to receive greate people who wants to bring value!

Following the feedback and advice we have received from the MNO´s and the community, these are the updates we have made to improve our proposal. (Special thanks to DeepBlue)
1- (Feb, 2nd. 2018)- We changed the format of the table on the Social Media section in order to make it easier to read.
2- (Feb, 6th. 2018)- We added a table with our "Detailed Costs Breakdown" (go to Budget section), there it can be noticed that our operational costs are actually very low.
3- (Feb, 7th. 2018)- We added some screenshots on the Allies section which show evidence of the support (and proof of alliance) from many people in the Dash community.
4- (Feb, 7th. 2018)- We put the link of the results from the survey we made and which validates the problem we are solving. (Link is right under the Proposal video link).
5- (Working on it)- We are setting up a remit assistance guidance called "Send Money Home", which will help Venezuelans living overseas easily sends remittance to their family through Dash. Remittances in Latam is a $70 billion market.

Clarification: We want to make sure that the MNOs and the community in general know that if the price of DASH keeps going back up, we will be able to operate for more months than we initially planned without submitting another proposal.
AlejandroE, I hope your proposal passes. However, if it doesn't, consider setting up escrow and defining milestones, even though InstantKarmaFund has vouched for you. It sets a good example, and it will help.
AlejandroE, I hope your proposal passes. However, if it doesn't, consider setting up escrow and defining milestones, even though InstantKarmaFund has vouched for you. It sets a good example, and it will help.

Hello, thank you very much for your support! We also hope we pass.

Hello Dash Community, last saturday (feb 24th, 2018) we were (once again) giving support and help to all the attendees of the 5th Dash Caracas Conference (special guest: Samuel Barbosa - Core Android developer of the Core Team).

Once again we helped 237 people. We are attaching a chart which shows the classification of the problems that people had, we solved 236 cases, the only 1 remaining was a person who had problem with the internet connection, and after a exhaustive tests we concluded that it has a problem with his phone (he had an old phone from the chinese manufacturer ZTE). Also, we took the opportunity to teach people how to monitor the network in their walletS, how to recover it using the recovery phrase, change the currency (exchanges rate), etc. The attendees were very thanksful for our service and soon we will post a video with testimonials.

Besides, our tech director Lorenzo Camejo (LorenzoRey), was at the conference as part of the experts panel who responded all kind of questions from the attendees and twitter, he had a great participation! (check picture below). Also, you can see his participation here

Also, we have some recommendations for the Android Wallet in order to make it more user friendly and intuitive. Since Samuel Barbosa was at the event, we talked to him about this issue and he told us to send him all the corrections we have by email, and also write them in Github.

We are happy to help end users and also to the Core Team to improve the Dash products, we love to help! :);)






With Samuel Barbosa (Android Developer - Dash Core Team)

I'm very proud of you and it's a pleasure to work with you from the legal department. It's a great proposal for a great team. Good luck and success.
(From today, the updates of this project will be posted on the Approved Proposals / Updates + News section)

Hello Dash Community, we are pleased to officially announce the launch of Dash Help Venezuela, the first official support center for a cryptocurrency in the world, and it's exclusively for Dash!. Our services are following:

Our service is available from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (Venezuelan Time/ ATS). Below is a pic of the operations room and with part or our team.

Future plans:
  • We have plans to open Whatsapp and Telegram channels very soon.
  • We will provide support and assistance in Dash Maracay and Dash Youth Conferences (also at Dash Guayana an Dash Merchant Venezuela, Dash at the Cripto Latin Fest in Bogota Colombia, if they get funded)
  • Alliance with Dashop.io: once dashop.io is live, we will provide spanish support for their clients.
  • Alliance with Dashinformer.com: They will send us traffic to our website.
  • Alliance with "All About Dash": We will post their educational videos in our website, and they will post our link in their website.
  • Alliance with Dash Academy: Once they finished their first batch of educational videos, we will post them in our website.
  • In the near future (1 month) we will open our Call service to Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. We choose these countries because they are the ones which have Dash communities. Once other countries have their communities, we will expand our services to them.



Budget Updates:
Following is the current status of our budget and how we have used it.

1- The first table describes the investment of the while office.

2- The following tables describes the costs of our operational costs during month 1 (March) and month 2 (April)



We want to thank to every person who has supported and helped this project. Without you this wouldn't be possible.

We will overdeliver and help Dash achieves its main goal: massive adoption and being the #1 payment solution in the world.
Dear Dash Community, we are pleased to show you a summary of what we have done so far in the last 3 months and our future plans (new proposal live here https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Dash-Help-Support-Center). Please leave us your comments and thanks for your support!

Video where we show our office + results + future plans.

Interview with Rodrigo Ambrissi (founder of Dash Brazil). He visited us on our office during his trip in Venezuela.

Sumary of what we have done so far:

What's next?

Thanks for reading this report and thanks for your support!

Dear Dash community, we wanted to show you a sample of the video tutorials we want to do in our next proposal (live here) about How to use the Dash Wallet (Android and iOS). The videos will be about:

- How to change the spending pin
- How to change the exchange rate
- How to see the recovery phrase
- How to re scan the blockchain
- How to recover the wallet using the recovery phrase + back up
- Etc...

We will do 14 videos which will show everything about the wallets and they will be in Spanish and English. Besides this, we will expand the service to the US & Brazil + Marketing work + collaborations with the Core Team. You can check and vote for our proposal here: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Dash-Help-Support-Center

Please keep voting! We need your support in order to keep operations running. Thanks a lot!

How yo change the spending pin (Android):

How to change the spending pin (iOS):
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